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January 14, 2012

Already falling behind….

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Not on blogging, oh no, 3 posts in 2 weeks is definitely a record!  But here…

Trying to put all the Xmas stuff away

I started the “takedown” process on Jan. 3, the day the kids went back to school.  If you notice, the only ornaments left on the tree are on the top, because I can’t reach them.  And I’m too lazy to get the ladder so that I can take them down.  It’s January 15, and all my Xmas stuff is still out.  And it’s like holding me back from doing all the other stuff I need to do, I don’t know why.  We don’t even use this room.  But every time I go upstairs to clean up my desk or put the laundry away or something else, I find myself coming back down to this room to try and put the xmas stuff away.  Ugh.  The neighbors don’t even trip anymore, they just walk through the little pathway that I left straight to the family room.  Lol, I guess they’re used to my ways.  My Halloween decorations were up until almost Thanksgiving.

Babygirl was sick all day today 😦  She was out playing with the neighbor kids yesterday, riding her little Barbie light-up scooter when all of a sudden she went inside to get her jacket…which NEVER happens.  Then, she wanted to come inside and she went straight to the couch to lie under the blanket.  I checked her temp and it was 102.6.  She fell asleep at 5 then woke up at 11 and asked for some soup.  I didn’t have any soup made so I warmed her up a can of Progresso Chicken Noodle and she ate two of the noodles and went back upstairs to sleep.  This morning at 7 she woke me up to ask for Oatmeal.  I got up, made her oatmeal, she ate one spoonful and went back upstairs to sleep.  I was down here and HBY was getting ready for work, so she crawled into bed with her brother, poor baby.  Then she started to throw up.  It’s such an ordeal for her, she cries and cries and cries.  Ugh.  She cried because she wanted to go to the birthday party that we were supposed to go to today.  Then she cries for her daddy. Hmph. After I cleaned up the oatmeal that she didn’t eat, I spent all morning making chicken noodle soup for her and she asks for her daddy.  Whatever.  Anyway, she spent most of the day in my bed watching movies on Netflix.  Then she comes downstairs around 6:30, said she felt better even though she was still burning up, and asked for some jello.  She ate one tiny spoonful then fell asleep on the couch.

Poor baby.  Dillon was a good older brother today, he stayed next to her to keep her company, try to cheer her up, get her water.  He  kept saying he felt bad for her, he doesn’t like it when she’s sick.  Well, at least that’s something.  When she’s better they’ll be back to fighting again.


January 10, 2012

12 in 2k12

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So I’ve been thinking and thinking about this.  Though I don’t believe in resolutions, I’m gonna jump on the 12 in 2012 bandwagon.  My resolutions are less resolute though, you’ll see.

1.Less Caffeine – More Water!  For me that probably means 3 cups of coffee in the morning instead of 5+, cut out the afternoon Rockstar (at least 3 days a week), and having a Coke with dinner only 4 nights a week (maybe the nights that I didn’t have the Rockstar in the afternoon)

2.More Family Time!  Bring back the game nights!  Now that they’re old enough to play games besides Go Fish! and Uno, lol. I’ll be realistic here and shoot for twice a month?

3.Pay Attention!  When talking to the kids or when they’re talking to me, I will give them my full attention instead of having one eye/ear on the tv, computer or phone.

4.Project Life!  I’m going to do Project Life 2012.  Such a great and (seemingly) simple idea!  Leave it to Becky Higgins to figure it out.  I will complete a 2-page spread for each week at minimum.  Would be great to do more, but we shall see.

5.Shoot More!  MUST use my camera more.  I’m seeing a lot of people planning to take a family portrait on the 12th of every month.  Seems like a lot but I think that’s a good idea.  I don’t think I have one single family portrait from 2011.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a photo of the 4 (or 5, lol) of us.

6.Waste Less!  I will (try to) not buy (too many) unnecessary things.  Stay away from Michael’s dollar bins and Target’s dollar spot and Daiso, lol.  I will pack up leftovers and (make someone) eat them the next day.

7.Be (more) Efficient!  Haha, I had to add the *more* in there.  Won’t be hard to be *more* efficient than I am now or have been throughout last year.  I will wake up on time (not hard to do since puppy wakes me up early every morning), make everyone’s lunch, finish my chores for the day before picking up the kids, have dinner ready before 6:00 as much as possible.

Damn that’s only 7?  Can I stop now?  7 in 2012 doesn’t have the same ring as 12 in 2012.  Let me think of 5 easy ones……

8.Everything in its Place!  I have a bad habit of buying things – even groceries – and leaving them in the bags on the floor and just using them out of the bag.  Horrible.  Must put things away.  Clean clothes – straight from the dryer into the drawers/closet.  That will be a hard one I can already tell.

9.Keep open lines of communication!  Haha, I NEVER answer my phone.  And it’s not because I don’t want to, I’m just never near my phone so I don’t hear it.  HBY gets SO MAD.  Actually, a lot of people do.  Once, I was putting away the laundry in my closet and I was trying to be good so I took the phone with me.  I left it in there for almost 2 days.  Horrible.

10.Spend one-on-one time with the kids.  I think I will have to do one project a week with each kid.  For Alex will be some type of crafting or baking project.  For Dillon it will be a mini science experiment  or help him cook dinner.  I think one a week for each is pushing it.  So how about one week, one kid.  Next week, other kid.  Lol.

11.Be (more) Organized!  My desk is a crazy pile of papers.  Paper crafting supplies EVERYWHERE!  I’ve got to organize and purge.  For real.

And finally #12!  And I think this is the most important….I MUST drop the 20 pounds that I’ve picked up over the last 4 months.  Seriously, I’ve gained 20 pounds since August.  And at the rate I’m going, I could easily gain another 20.  I’ve said it before – and I stand by it – I’m sure it’s the Depo shot that I got back in August.  There’s no other explanation.  But whatever caused it, I’ve got to reverse it.  Even if it takes all year, that’s okay.

So there it is…my 12 for 2012.  Sounds do-able.  Nothing ridiculous or impossible.  I wanted to put something in there about making and sending all of my close friends and relatives hand-made birthday cards, but I’d already lose because tomorrow is my Gran’s birthday and I have no cards to send and it would take almost a week to get to Hawaii anyway.  So…Baby steps.

Now…I’ve got to work on my Project Life title page and Week 1 spread.  After I cook dinner and clean the kitchen.

January 7, 2012

2012 Already??

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Happy New Year!  And, you know, a new year means time for a new blog post.  Lol, I’m laughing at myself.  I think the word for what I’m feeling is chagrin.  But…whatever.  My last post was about finally moving.  I moved into this house 5 months ago and am still not completely settled.  Things are everywhere and there’s a lot of crap still in boxes.  Because the kids started school soon after moving in, and because I’m obviously not the most organized person.  And because Marvin would not let me hire any movers but insisted on the two of us moving everything ourselves.  Took us MONTHS to clean out the San Francisco house.  Literally.  We finally got it cleaned out and rented just last month. It didn’t take long to find renters, I think because the rent is on the low side, but more importantly, we found a nice couple to rent. Pretty much exactly what we were looking for.  No kids, no pets, no parties, etc.  Hopefully they just won’t let the backyard turn into a jungle, which it does in a very short time.

So anyway, I’m sitting here blog hopping and thought to myself – hey, when was the last time I wrote a blog post?  I’ve made a decision.  2012 is going to be my year!  Haha.  But really, I’m going to be more productive.  Really.  Really.  Maybe that will be my word for the year.  Productive.  I was going through my photos from 2011….sadly lacking.  This year I’ve got to take more photos.  Even just everyday photos.  I didn’t even take pics at Dillon’s birthday party, though in my defense, it was at this house that we had just barely moved in to, there were  a million people (okay, 60, but it might as well have been a million), kids running around everywhere (freaking rubbing their greasy hands on the walls!!), I was trying to spend at least a few minutes talking to each person (I hope I didn’t miss anyone), playing bartender, etc.  Luckily, Pristina was here so I handed her my camera and told her to just take some pics.  She didn’t get the shots that I wanted, but at least there are some.

Okay well, I’ve got to go and get ready for a birthday party.  The party is at 9:30.  In the morning.  On a Saturday.  Lol.  I’m like – who the hell throws a birthday party at 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday???  Common around here apparently.  It’s one of the neighbor kids, he’s turning 3.  Next week I’m going to a kids’ birthday party in the city.  Starts at 5:00 pm.  Hahaha.



September 8, 2011

New City, New Home, New Life…

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I think to myself everyday that I’m going to sit down and write a quick blog post.  And the days pass, and I’ll think – wow, now I have stuff to actually write about on my blog today.  And more days pass then I think – man, I have so much stuff to write about that it’s going to take a while, so I’ll have to wait until I have time to do it.  And now, 8 months later…I don’t even know where to start…

First off – we moved…YAY!!  I couldn’t stand living in that sh*thole any longer!  The city was driving me crazy with all the horrible drivers, narrow streets, parallel parking, traffic, PEDESTRIANS, street cleaning, ugh.  All of a sudden I was about to lose my mind.  I think it started when Babygirl’s soccer season began, and all of their games were in Golden Gate park, and I’d have to get there at least 45 minutes early to be able to find parking and walk to the freaking field.  Then, I’d have to figure a way to rush to Dillon’s game, or vice versa.  The clincher, though, was at the end of last school year, I was working on a project at the school on Saturday, and I had to run to Costco in Colma to pick up some photos.  It took me 90 FREAKING minutes to get back to the school after Costco.  And every shortcut I tried to take was jammed up too.  I was livid when I got there.  It normally would take 10 minutes to do that drive.  Then, the very next weekend, Marvin decided to take Dillon fishing at Crissy Field, but ended up changing his mind and took him to the Exploratorium instead.  That drive normally takes about 20 minutes, with all that stupid construction maybe 30, but that day took over 2 hours.  What kind of insane person wants to live in a retarded place like that! Ugh.  I got by all those years because I chose to never leave the house on the weekends, but who wants to be cooped up on the weekends?  Can’t even take the kids to a playground because it’s overrun with kids, and they’re mostly asshole kids.

Okay, okay, I better stop, I can feel my blood pressure rising…

So now, it’s back to the country.  For me.  First time for Marvin and the kids.  We had been talking about moving out of the city, but not really looking.  Well, we’d look, but in the cities I wanted to move to (Millbrae, Burlingame, Cupertino) there was nothing that we could afford.  And where we could afford – Tracy, Antioch, Clayton, Brentwood – I would not consider living there.  I never thought Marvin would consider moving down this way, so I never even brought it up.  I tried to find a place in Almaden Valley, so the kids could go to Leland High School.  Psh.  Cheaper to stay in the city and pay for private school, and that’s minimum $35k per year, per kid.

So we ended up here, in Gilroy.  Sounds so funny.  I live in Gilroy.  But aside from the weather, I like it here.  20 minutes from San Jose, 30 minutes from Marina, I can go anywhere at any time (except Walmart on Sunday night before the first day of school, that was horrible) and not have to fight any crowds or traffic or anything.  Surprisingly, Marvin likes it here too.  Kids don’t fight as much (but just barely less) since they have their own rooms.  The weather is nice here so they can play outside.  When we’re at home, I just kick them out into the backyard and they just do their own thing, mostly collecting bugs, ew.  On any given day you can see deer prancing by or wild turkeys hanging out just up the hill from the house.  I’m hoping that’s all the wildlife I’ll come across out here.  The neighbors are friendly and wave at each other and have come by to welcome us to the neighborhood and offer us any help we need.  I’m not really used to it, but Marvin said I better wave back or they’ll call me a stuck up bitch.  Hah.  Like I care. Funny that he does.

Anyway, the kids have adjusted like champs.  They like their new school and have made new friends.  They always want to play after school, but I can not stand the heat just yet.  At 2:30 pm, when I pick them up, the sun is at its hottest I swear.  In the winter, I’ll let them play all they want, but I can not sit out in that sun. Lots of kids ride their bikes to school, that’s something you never see in the city.  Dillon asks when he can walk/ride his bike to school by himself and I told him never.  Poor Dillon.  I said he can go to school by himself when he drives and has a car.  Except he’ll have to drive his sister, lol.  I guess that part of living in the city stuck with me.  Paranoid. Only with them though.  Marvin has gotten used to me parking the car out in the driveway instead of always in the garage.  And though I still get a little lecture when I don’t lock the car, I don’t get in big trouble like I used to.  But he made sure to put in automatically-locking deadbolts on the doors, so then at least he doesn’t have to worry about that.  I just have to remember to lock the sliding door from the backyard, which I don’t always do.  Honestly, though, I can’t imagine anything ever happening here.  The houses are too close together, and the people are too nosey.  The house across from us leaves the garage door open all night sometimes.

Okay,I think that’s enough for this post.  Hopefully I’ll post again tomorrow (or soon at least) about the actual house…

January 13, 2011

Happy 2011!

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Yeah, did I even post in 2010?  Well….I have no excuse….just plain laziness I guess.  I thought I’d have so much time after Babygirl started school.  I would post here at least on a weekly basis, if not daily.  Man, I didn’t even make it monthly.  I thought I’d catch up on my scrapbooking, or at least produce a few pages a week.  I thought I’d send a handmade birthday card to everyone I know.  I thought I’d have time to take a photography course, start and keep up with a project 365, workout with the Wii Fit for 30 mins a day, take a Zumba class twice a week, play the piano for an hour a day, learn to play the electric guitar hby got me for my bday (yes, in January.  so far i’ve only learned to play the intro to Sweet Child o’ Mine), and all kinds of other stuff.  Was I being too ambitious?  Well, I didn’t do any of those things.  Not even a little of one of those things.  Although, when Babygirl started Kindergarten she also started a ballet class, she joined a soccer team (which is made up of mainly the younger siblings of the kids on Dillon’s soccer team), enrolled in a shaolin kung fu school with her brother and switched to private swim lessons in Pacifica, along with her brother.  Still it seems like I should have been able to accomplish something.  Every day hby would come home and ask me “what did you do today”?  And the answer would be the same.  Watch TV, play on FB, shop online, went to Target or Costco or the mall.  Sometimes my answer would be “sleep”.  And I felt a little guilty at first but then I thought about it…..those measly four or five hours are the only hours of the day that I can do whatever I want.  Which, okay, is mostly nothing.  But after he gets home from work (and no, he does not work a full 8 hours every day, more like 3-5), he does whatever he wants until he goes to sleep.  I pick up the kids from school, wait at the school while they play, bring them home, make them a snack, bring them to their practices/lessons, come back home, help them with their homework, cook dinner, bathe them, get them to bed.  And that doesn’t include the days I spend volunteering at the school (which is turning out to be 2-3 days a week).  And somewhere in there I have to figure out when I can clean up, do the laundry, wash the dishes, maintain the cars (yes, that’s my job for some reason), pay the bills.  And then I have to find a time to even use the bathroom or take a shower.  Shoot.  So then – I don’t feel guilty anymore.  I’m enjoying my much-deserved down-time.

It is crazy how fast the time has passed.  We celebrated my Gran’s 85th birthday in Las Vegas in May.  It was a huge family affair, we all had a great time.  Summer kind of breezed past, we spent a lot of time hanging out with friends/family.  Dillon did a two-week soccer camp and Babygirl got to go to a Princess Ballet Camp for 2 weeks.  We bought a pair of houses in Las Vegas in September (which of course meant we had to go back there to take care of everything).  Brand new and so cute and each under $100k.  Too bad we couldn’t find homes like those in the Bay Area for even $300k.  Shoot, even $500k.  We celebrated Dillon’s 8th birthday in October.  8 years old already.  His birthday list consisted of 2 things:  an iPad and a 40″ tv for his room.  Okay??  Crazy boy.  He ended up getting a little 12″ Toshiba laptop.  He’s in heaven, he plays all his little online games with his friends, Skypes with Pristina when she’s away at school, emails his grandma and nana, and looks up game cheats on YouTube, lol.  We had a princess party in Monterey for Halloween, I dressed up as Jasmine, lol.  I asked my brother if he thought I could get a blond wig and be Cinderella and he said I was too dark.  Rude.  We celebrated Thankgsgiving in Las Vegas with my mom, sister and Nana.  We had a million things to do in December it seemed like.  I was at the school almost every day, mostly in Babygirl’s class, but some days in Dillon’s or on a field trip.  I’m starting to strongly dislike the kids in Dillon’s class.    Babygirl performed in her first Nutcracker.  She had two small little parts, so she didn’t have a huge amount of rehearsal time, but it was pretty hectic trying to fit the rehearsals in with the rest of their schedule. Especially when her mandatory rehearsals were on Saturday afternoons, and both kids had soccer games on Saturdays.  We went to Las Vegas AGAIN the week before Christmas.  We hoped to get a tenant that week to move into one of the houses, but after many appointments that were broken (without any notice) we decided to just leave it up to a property manager.  Celebrated Christmas with family in Monterey and New Year’s again in Monterey.  Hmm, doesn’t seem like that much when I list it out like that. Well, I guess I was too busy doing nothing and sleeping all day. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I bought a 7D somewhere in there?  I got that, Marvin got another car and I got a 27″ iMac and a 13″ Pro. And HBY got an iPad.  I didn’t think he would like it that much but he LOVES that thing.  I play Words with Friends on it when he’s at work, lol.  That’s pretty much the only thing I miss about the iPhone…

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now.  I wanted to upload photos but they’re all still on my external hard drive.  I haven’t imported them yet because I’m still debating whether I want to allocate any of this iMac’s drive to run Windows or not….any thoughts??

May 7, 2010


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This has got to be the best advertisement for Nikon that I’ve ever seen…

Had to share…

April 20, 2010

Passage of Time

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I drove HBY to Fremont tonight to look at a van he wanted to buy (for business purpose).  On the way there I was griping at him that we seem to always drive all over the world to find a (stupid used) car that he wants to buy.  When it was time to get mine, easy, went to the dealer, out in a couple hours.  After he bought the van tonight, we went to dinner and I told him: you know, if you think about how long we’ve been together, it’s pretty long.  We can measure it by how old we were then, how much older his niece and mine have gotten since then, how many kids have been born since we’ve been together….but if we measure it in the amount of cars he’s bought since we’ve been together….he started to giggle, but it’s ridiculous.  Black mustang, grey convertible mustang, another black mustang, white integra, white f-150, black crx (yeah, i still don’t understand that one), another black mustang.  I feel like I’m missing one in there somewhere.  I hope his addiction to used cars is over now, they’re seriously annoying.  If we were to try and measure using the number of laptops he’s bought and discarded since we got together (none of them used), it’s beyond ridiculous….

April 17, 2010


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This was the first day that HBY was able to come to Dillon’s soccer game.  After all my bitching and moaning about the parking situation, I was excited to show him that I was not exaggerating at all.  So we pull up to the field and I get out with the kids.  The first time I was at the field before the game started.  HBY went to park and I expected him to show up about 10-15 minutes later.  Well, he walks up just a couple of minutes later.  I said – no WAY you found parking already.  He told me he parked at the space we saw around the corner.  I said – not the one with the fire hydrant??? He said – well, I’m not blocking it.  I’m like – you’re such a San Franciscan, no regard for the rules.  I told him to move the car before it gets towed or we get a million dollar parking ticket.  So he rolls his eyes at me, but he goes to move the car.  Comes back not even two minutes later…after finding a parking space RIGHT in front of the gate that leads to the field.  Wide open.  WTF????  It’s a conspiracy, I swear…

April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

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I love putting together Easter baskets. Any type of gift basket with lots of stuff inside. And goodie bags. Maybe I just like to buy lots of stuff…okay, okay, no maybe about it 😉

These are for the older girls.  I got those boxes/baskets at Target for $1.  They’re so cute, especially for a buck.  I love Target’s Dollar Spot 😀

These are for the younger kids.  Now I have to put together my own kids’ baskets from the “Easter Bunny”.  When did the Easter Bunny become like Santa?  I still wonder about the significance of the rabbit when it comes to Easter.  But then, who thought up a fat man with a white beard and a red suit for Xmas?

Tomorrow we’ll be decorating eggs and having a mini celebration for Babygirl’s 5th birthday.  I’m gonna make lau lau and chicken long rice for dinner.  My first time making lau lau, hope it comes out good 😐

March 27, 2010

Stupid Cole Valley

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Dillon’s spring soccer season started last week, and this season all of his games are in Cole Valley, which is the worst place in this whole stupid city when it comes to parking. Seriously.

So the first game I get to the field not really knowing what to expect. Other parents told me that it was hard to find parking but I was like – this is stupid San Francisco, what else would I expect? Well I DIDN’T expect there to actually be NO parking as far as my eye could see and I didn’t expect the streets to be so narrow that with a solid row of parked cars on each side, there was room only for one car to drive down at a time – but they weren’t one-way streets. So if I was halfway down the street and another car pulled in from the opposite direction, one of us would have to back up or pull into someone’s driveway, if it were even empty. Ugh, what an awful place.

Anyway, that first Saturday I got kind of lucky. Only my 3rd time circling, I saw one of the other moms as she was walking to the field and pointed out a spot that she had seen. So I pulled down the street. Of course the space was on the opposite side, so I had to make a 25-point u-turn. Then I’m like – okay, I’m not a good parallel parker AT ALL and this space will just barely fit my car so please let me not embarass myself. I pulled in like a pro, I gotta say. Backed in perfectly, whew. I was so happy I had to take a picture and send it to HBY. Lol.

But this past Saturday, I had a REALLY hard time finding a space, and when I finally did, I pulled in and my back tire was on the curb. I thought about leaving it like that, but didn’t want anyone I knew to see it, so figured I’d try and fix it. I did try, back and forth, again and again. I swear if anyone were watching they would have been laughing their ass off. I ended up with the tire flush against the curb, with a little of the tire spilling over (think muffin top). I took a picture to show HBY again, and explained and said – there wasn’t that much space for me to correct. He looked at me like I was crazy and said – that’s PLENTY of room. Psh.

I do not look forward to the rest of the season….

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