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September 4, 2008

It’s the most wonderful time of the year..,

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Pumpkin pies are back at Costco! Gate called me on Tuesday to tell me she bought me one, I was so excited! Went right home and had a big slice 😀 yesterday, I had a slice for breakfast and I’m getting ready to have one with my coffee this morning…I love this time of year..


June 24, 2008

Olallieberry Crisp

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So we picked about 2.5 lbs of olallieberries at Phipps Farm on Saturday. And, since I don’t care for berries AT ALL raw, and I don’t know how to roll out a pie crust, I figured I’d make a berry crisp. I did a search on google, and came up with this recipe. Looks gross, but I promise it tasted good.

Yesterday I took the berries out of the bag and washed them, and washed them, and washed them, then soaked them and rinsed them and soaked them and rinsed them then soaked them overnight. Haha, yeah, so what. So today I washed them a couple more times, then we had the crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert. HBY liked it, and was surprised that it came out good, he ate two servings. I tried to eat two, but was just too full. Dillon liked it, he asked me “can we do this again?” Poor thing, we don’t normally have dessert at home, mostly they get cut fruits after dinner. The only thing is for the next time I’ll probably make more of the “crisp”, and I’ll add walnuts, I didn’t have any this time.

May 2, 2008

Daphne’s recipe for easy bake chicken…

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…and it was a HIT! I didn’t have parsley so I used basil instead, without even knowing if the two tasted similar or not, but must not have made a difference. It was so easy to prepare (make sauce, slap the chicken in the baking dish, brush the sauce on, stick in the oven)! The baby loved it, ate all the chicken I put on her plate, and that’s rare she normally doesn’t care to eat too much meat, plus she had already eaten with Dillon earlier. Pristina and Hby both loved it. Everyone loved it except…well, me, of course. Haha, sorry but unless it’s the fried skin, I do not like chicken at all. But at least I know I can always make that chicken for everyone and have my favorite vienna sausages and over-easy eggs over rice meal for dinner 🙂

As an aside, I looked at the number of posts for April and it made me laugh. On April 4, I was already on my 3rd post so I was thinking “wow, I’m going to have at least 20 posts this month”, haha. Let’s see how I can do for May…

April 12, 2008


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So I visit Nichole Heady’s blog regularly to catch the Papertrey Ink updates, and to gain some inspiration when I want to make cards, etc. But last week, I read her post about a recipe for strawberry shortcake that she had made and raved about. So today, I decided to try it. I’m not at all a baker, I hate having to measure all the ingredients, and using all the different mixing bowls, etc. And the cleanup is the worst, but I must say, this was worth the effort, it turned out really good!

Very very tasty. My presentation is not the greatest by a long shot, but it’s really about what it tastes like, isn’t it?

This was my piece, without the extra whipped cream on top, because I don’t really care for whip cream. But pouring the cream into the bowl and whipping it up into that stuff is really cool! Haha, I’m so deprived.

Pristina, HBY and I had it for dessert, after the kids went to bed. They’ll be happy tomorrow when they get to have their pieces.

This is what happens to my kitchen when I cook dinner and a dessert:

Okay, okay, that’s what my kitchen looks like a lot of the time 😦

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