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August 4, 2009

Damn, does that last entry say May 18?!?

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Been busy busy busy these last few months, I guess. Lol. Let’s see…went to San Diego/Anaheim over Memorial Day weekend, celebrated my cousin Lisa’s graduation from SDSU, took the kids to Legoland then Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland. The kids’ first time, and they LOVED it. I guess that’s going to be our vacation destination from now on…well, when we go to SoCal, that is.

After our SoCal vacation, we came home so Dillon could finish out the school year, then it was off to Vegas…where we got married.  Yep, finally did it.  I was chatting with a friend and he asked why we weren’t married, and I explained that I didn’t think it was necessary, since there was really no benefit to being married.  We argued for a while, then he told me to look up the tax benefits.  Sure enough, we’ve been missing out all these years, lol.  So I decided since we were going to Vegas anyway for my sister’s high school graduation, and (some of) my family was going to be there, we might as well do it while we’re there.  The kids were the happiest, I think. The family members that weren’t there, and weren’t notified, were NOT happy. 

Hmmm…let’s see what else.  I don’t think anything big since then.  My car passed 100k miles, lol.  Had a mini family reunion in Monterey. Alexandra started a new ballet school. We’ve been doing the normal daily stuff, but I’m trying to do more outdoors-y stuff with the kids.  We went to Point Lobos a few weeks ago, they had a good time there.  Been spending more time at GG Park.  Spent a day at Gilroy Gardens.  Celebrated Jasmine’s Sweet 16th at Seacliff Beach on a cold ass day.  Oh, got a new iPhone 3gs, but I didn’t want to…yet.  HBY made me 😉  Been shopping, of course.  I buy things faster than I can take them out of the bags at home.  I’m now debating between a 17″ Macbook Pro or an iMac.  Actually, I’m really still debating if I should make the switch to Mac at all, I have a hard time thinking I’ll be one of “those Mac users”…

That’s been our summer in a nutshell.  I didn’t get to bring the kids to Hawaii this summer like I wanted…I can’t use a Delta buddy pass on a Northwest flight until 2010, and I dont want to risk getting stranded at SLC or LAX alone with the kids, so we may go in October, or we’ll just push it back until next summer.  Hopefully October, though.

Still on our to-do/visit-in-the-near-future list:

  • Ferry ride to and picnic on Angel Island
  • Explore Point Reyes (specifically “Dillon” Beach, lol)
  • Santa Cruz Boardwalk (I can’t believe I haven’t gone all summer!)
  • Great America
  • Coit Tower

Dillon goes back to school on Aug. 24…wonder if I can get all that in before then? I also have two birthday parties…oh, AND  a stamp day!! I REALLY can’t believe I haven’t had a stamp/scrap day at all this year.  That’s just crazy, lol.  Scrapbook Expo coming up this week…I may go down on Friday, but I’ll have the kids, so I don’t know if I should do that to myself…

Our long-term to-do/visit list:

  • Explore Big Sur
  • Hike the Pinnacles (although I’m not sure if Babygirl’s big enough for the caves, which is really why I want to go)
  • Visit the Giant Redwoods
  • Yosemite (but not to camp)
  • Dillon wants to visit Mt. Rushmore…I don’t even know where that is
  • Grand Canyon

I hope to get to do all of that by the end of next summer, although Mt. Rushmore is iffy..

Okay, I think I’m current now.  I’m sure once the school year starts and we’re back to a normal routine on a normal schedule I’ll update more often.  I think I’ll start a new Project 365 on Aug. 24.  Lol.


April 6, 2009

My “Baby” is 4 now…

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Yeah, still a long way to go, but I feel like the “hard times” are behind me.  No more bottles, no diapers (thank god).  No more waking up 4-5 times every night to feed/change.  No incessant crying while trying to figure out what the reason is.  No more need to constantly watch every second to make sure they don’t touch/eat/do something that could hurt them.  Whew.  On the other hand, I’m not much looking forward to the teen or even pre-teen years, especially with the girl.  I guess I better just make the best of this time with them.

So this year, I finally decided to throw Babygirl an actual birthday party.  Normally, we’d take her to her favorite playplace (The Jungle), invite all the cousins and a few friends and just hang out and let them play.  But this year Alex said “I want to have a Princess cake and lots of friends sing Happy Birthday to me”.  So I tried to be firm and tell her “sorry, you don’t have any friends”, but in the end I gave in.  Dillon had a party every year until he turned 6, not really fair to never throw her one.  I know the 2nd-born gets jipped, but come on…

So I put together a last-minute party at Jungle Island in San Jose.  Seriously, I decided like 8 days before the date that I would throw it.  Luckily they were able to fit me in.  And there was a pretty good turn out.

The Princess cake she wanted

The Princess cake she wanted

The "friends" she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to her

The "friends" she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to her

her favorite friend Olivia, they share the same birthday, Olivia is a year older

her favorite friend Olivia, they share the same birthday, Olivia is a year older

She had so much fun all day…until it was time to leave, then she cried her head off.  HBY kept arguing “just let her play for 10 more minutes”.  I swear, sometimes I want to sock that guy.  One day I will.  Then I’ll run, lol.

On her actual birthday, we spent the day with Megan and Joshua.  Took them to the Academy of Sciences and Botanical Gardens. img_9394img_9409


Then, back home to let Alex open her presents from the party and the millions of presents from Mae Mae.


Topped it all off with a “tax crunch” ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.


I’d never had it before, never even heard of it, but it was pretty damn good, I definitely recommend it…

July 16, 2008

and THIS is why they creep me out…

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Seriously, they are so gross.

We went back to the park to finally bring the kids to the Butterfly Zone at the conservatory. I packed lunch and we had a little picnic on the grass out front before we went in. Afterwards we went inside. I’ve never been there before, and I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was HOT and HUMID inside. Okay, makes sense, it’s a greenhouse. And when we went into a side room it got even worse! THEN! We get to the Butterfly Zone. A few years ago, the Bellagio had a butterfly display in their atrium that was basically netting from the floor to the ceiling with a bunch of butterflies flying around inside. Kind of like this, but gigantic.So I pretty much expected that sort of thing, but NO. It was a room with a bunch of plants and displays and the butterflies were just flying freely around. Like – LANDING on people. Oh my god. AND it was crazy hot and humid, I was sweating just standing around. Dillon was determined to hold one, I saw some kids with 5 or 6 on their hands. Eww. So Dillon finally caught one, I didn’t get a good picture of it because I was trying to hurry before it flew away. And then I saw it. It was so huge and nasty looking all I could do was stand there and go – eww, oh my god. There were two hidden in this plant, so I felt kind of safe, they weren’t going to just leap out at me, I would have screamed I swear. But then there was this old lady and after I pointed it out, she got the butterfly to sit on an outer leaf of the plant, all spread out like this (I wonder if she touched it, eww).Then, on my way out, I saw another one sitting on a plant by the doorway, so I told Dillon to put his hand next to it so I could show the relative size of it (haha, yeah, I’m a chicken). I swear if those things were flying around landing on me it would be my worst nightmare come true…

July 15, 2008

First attempt to go to the Conservatory of Flowers…

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HBY had a couple of free days, so we decided to spend a day at Golden Gate Park, and I figured it would be a good time to bring the kids to the Conservatory to that Butterfly Zone. I’ve only been trying to bring them since March. So we went Monday right after we had lunch, and OF COURSE the damn place is closed on Mondays, and I should have known that. I had brought paper and pencils/crayons for the kids to draw the sights at the Conservatory, but since it was closed I sat them out front on a bench and had them draw pictures of the gardens. I guess it looked kind of funny, these two small kids with their clipboards and crayons, looking all serious. I saw this asian guy wandering around, taking pictures, talking to his friends, and he kept glancing toward the kids smiling. He came up to us and his first question: “are you guys taiwanese?” uhh, yeah RIGHT. haha. anyway, so then he asks in his backwards broken english if he could take a picture of the kids, and i’m like – uhhh, i guess, why not, right? and then he hands me the camera – i’m all – OHHH, you want me to take a picture of you with them? weird, so they’re drawing with their boards on the bench, backs to me, and he goes and stands next to them while I snap the picture with his camera. HBY was standing next to me, I’m surprised he was cool with that whole thing. Then, since I had my camera ready, I took a picture of him so I could blog about him, haha. Funny tourists…lucky for him I understand the desire to photograph everything I see, otherwise I would have told him HELL no, lol…

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