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September 18, 2008

90210 fan??

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Okay, so it sounds dumb, I didn’t even watch it the first time around and had ABSOLUTELY no interest in watching this version.  And then…I saw the preview and saw a familiar face…

Rob Estes…dude! I used to watch Silk Stalkings all the time! Every episode, every rerun. I even watched Melrose Place just because they picked him up. He’s starring as the dad of one of the kids and the principal of whatever school they go to. 

So I guess you’ll catch me watching 90210 on whatever day and whatever channel at whatever time it’s supposed to be on??  Haha, yeah, I’m a retard…


September 6, 2008

No kids for a day…

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Today turned out to be a really great day, probably the best I’ve had in years. Originally the plan was for all of us to hang out: Mae, Gate, kids and I. Gate thought she might be busy for a little while, so I planned to take the kids to the playground until she got back. Well, it turned out that Pristina didn’t want to go anywhere so Mae was going to stay home. Then Gate emailed me to ask if Dillon could stay there all day. So, since Mae was going to stay home anyway, she said to just leave Babygirl home with her so we could go out by ourselves. It’s like the perfect situation…Dillon loves to hang out with Joshua, Alex loves to be with MaeMae and PP, and since they were seperated, I didn’t have to worry about them fighting (which they do constantly).

So…HBY and I took off, stopped for lunch in San Bruno, wandered around Bayhill plaza for a while in the crazy sun trying to figure out what to do. He asked if I wanted to go downtown and I said – it’s Saturday, gonna be crowded. And he said – it’s ok, we don’t have the kids. I was all- oh YEAH.

We got down there and it wasn’t crowded at all, I couldn’t believe it. We got to go shopping all around the square, I got a new bag 😉


HBY was supposed to get a new macbook but when we came back down to market, we were on the wrong block and too lazy to walk back over. Oh well, there’s an apple store in Stonestown anyway.

We went into the mall to have a snack…a papa beard’s cream puff for me (love those) and a creme brûlée thing for him.

He wanted me to shop more, and I DID want a new pair of uggs, but it was so hot just looking at them made me uncomfortable.

After we left the mall, we turned down 4th and walked through the Metreon, checked out some games, looked at laptops…THEN we went to Jillian’s. I’ve only been nagging him to bring me there since it opened. It was perfect, we shot a couple games, I had a couple cocktails.

I did tell him that if we went to a “real” pool hall it wouldn’t have cost so much, but whatever..

All the pics were taken with the iPhone, not too bad, maybe I don’t need to get another point-and-shoot after all…

September 4, 2008

It’s the most wonderful time of the year..,

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Pumpkin pies are back at Costco! Gate called me on Tuesday to tell me she bought me one, I was so excited! Went right home and had a big slice 😀 yesterday, I had a slice for breakfast and I’m getting ready to have one with my coffee this morning…I love this time of year..

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