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May 18, 2009

Star Trek

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When HBY saw the trailer for the Star Trek movie, he told me he wanted to watch it.  I was all – are you serious?  I kept asking him if he was serious, lol.  We’re not Trekkies.  I’ve never even seen an episode of the TV series – any of them.  But I figured it looked like a lot of action, and I’m always down for action movies, so we went.  I wasn’t sure if I should read up on it or what before going to watch.  Well, we went to watch it last night and……I liked it.  Surprising to me, but actually, if it were just a movie being made, without all the history behind it, I probably would have wanted to go and watch it anyway.  I definitely liked it more than any of the Star Wars movies.  I think I may have missed out on a lot of the hidden references to the TV series, but it was still a complete storyline to me…and Sylar was awesome as Spock 😉

The movies I’m really looking forward to watching this summer are Transformers and……………………G.I. Joe.  Lol.  So weird, I know.  It’s that Tatum Channing guy (or whatever his name is) that I like.  I know, he’s not the best actor, or even good, but….he does it for me 😉  Plus, in the movie, he has a scar on his face.  I like scars on the face.  Not like, ugly burn scars or whatever, but more like a knife scar.  Especially around the eyes 😉 During the preview, I was all – ooh, I wanna watch this movie.  Then, when the title came up on the screen I was like – ewww.  The Rise of Cobra, how retarded sounding.  But still – I’m sure I’ll like it 😀


May 16, 2009

It’s Official!

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Officially funny looking now! 😉

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May 3, 2009

Photography Field Trip

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Ever since Pristina got her Rebel Xti for Christmas, she’s been wanting more opportunity to play with it.  So I offered to take her around the city on a photography field trip.  I figured we’d to go all the standard places; Twin Peaks, Palace of Fine Arts, Baker Beach, Legion of Honor.  Well….with Pristina being busy throughout Feb, March and April, we had to schedule our day out for May 3.  Wouldn’t you know the day we chose to go out was all overcast and rainy.  Where the hell could we go take pictures on a freaking ugly rainy day??  Botanical Gardens was I think our only choice.  So I drove to the park.  I thought they closed the streets to cars on the weekends?? Or is that only on nice weather days?  Anyway, Pristina still had a good time, and from what I’ve seen on her camera, she got some good shots.  I was not so excited, but I took a few.


I have more on my Flickr.  Anyway, we totally went down this one path and got “confronted” by a squirrel.  That thing got in the middle of the path the way we were walking, and crouched down and looked at us.  So we froze.  Then it took a few steps toward us and stopped.  So we started to panic, and Pristina got behind me.  I was like – oh shit, I swear it looked like it was going to jump at us.  So we turned around and took off running.  Yeah, we’re dumbasses.  And whereever we went I swear they surrounded us.  Lol.

After the Botanical Gardens, we had to go home because Pristina is really a dumbass, and even knowing it was raining, and that we were going to be walking, she chose to wear her dumb converse that had holes in them.  so her feet were SOAKED.  disgusting.  When we got home, it was still overcast and drizzling, so I didn’t know what we should do.  Pristina wanted to go to Haight, or downtown.  So I told her we could go downtown, and since we were home, why didn’t we just hop on the bus?  She agreed, and she wanted to get off at Castro.  I was like – eww??  But whatever.  I was just along as a chaperone anyway.

So we jump on the K, and take it all the way to Castro.  I love to take the Muni, I’m so deprived.  The Castro was……..different.  I’ve never been…and never seen so many rainbows.  We passed by a hot tub place with posters advertising males together in the hot tub.  Uggh, gave me the creeps.  When we were walking, I saw a guy blow a kiss to another guy he was passing by.  I consider myself very tolerant…but I don’t care to be right in the middle of all this gay-ness. Sorry, not trying to be offensive.  But that’s just how I feel.  Do whatever you want…just not right in front of me, please.

Anyway, so Pristina went on a rampage taking weird pictures of like rusted chains, empty lots.  I was not so inspired.  I think I like taking pictures of people better. But I did take a few shots…


We jumped back on the Muni at Van Ness to Powell (2 stops, I thought it was ridiculous but Pristina was tired).  While we walked from Castro to Van Ness, the freaking weather finally cleared up.  Of course it would.  Well, we met up with

Mae, Emerald, Donna, HBY and the kids at the SF Centre.  From there Mae took Pristina home because she was complaining of a headahce and the rest of us took the kids to the Yerba Buena playground then to the Tilt arcade in the Metreon.  I was able to take a few extra shots, but after such a long day, I just wanted go home and SLEEP!!


I had planned to go home and pick up Pristina and go up to Twin Peaks after dark, but of course when it comes to Donna, the fun never ends, we didn’t get home until close to 10pm.  But at least I got to take some of my favorite pictures, with people in them…especially kids 😉


May 2, 2009

HBY’s 33rd birthday

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Since HBY had been working so hard these past few months, for his birthday we decided to go and get a couples’ massage.  And I decided to go to a place that Daphne mentioned, Watercourse Way.  (Thanks Daph!)  I had mentioned to Debbie that we were planning on going there, and she told me she LOVED that place.  Somehow I don’t really see Debbie having a spa day, but there you have it.  She said the place we should really check out is the spa at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.  I was like – damn, I think we’d have to work our way up to that place 😉  Although, it is my favorite place in the world I think.

Anyway, so we did an hour in the hot tub room followed by the couples’ massage.  Let me just say…one hour is way too long to be in a hot tub.  I will definitely be getting the room with a cold plunge the next time we’re there.  But it was a very nice place.  As for the massages, the first 10 or 15 minutes we were supposed to sit in the steam room, but after about 10 seconds I thought I was going to suffocate – damn, do people really like that??  Lol.  We were probably still just overheated from the hour in the hot tub.  I think we both enjoyed the massages at the Claremont better.  But still, overall a great experience.  The good thing about this place compared to the Claremont is that HBY and I stayed together the whole time, even afterwards when we showered and got ready.  The bad thing is there wasn’t really a place to sit and blow dry my hair and do my makeup, which is kind of what I was planning on since we were going to still go out to dinner afterwards.

Guess where we ended up going after the spa?  Well….we WERE in Palo Alto after all, so we had to go to HBY’s favorite place….Fry’s.  Lol.  The ugliest Fry’s out of them all, but oh well.  We passed by a bike shop that had a sign out advertising $349 every single bike in the shop.  He got all excited, he’s been wanting to buy me a bike forever, but I’m so not interested in going bike riding.  Ever.

For Dinner, HBY got to go to the restaurant he’s been dying to go to ever since I met him, Tommy Toy’s.  Fancy schmancy Chinese food, I don’t get it???  We had calamari, hot and sour soup (which I gave an honest try but couldn’t bring myself to like), duck, filet and fried rice.  It was okay, I guess, but I wouldn’t choose that restaurant again.  The fried rice wasn’t even as good as Benihana.  And with the duck, they only gave you two pcs. of the bread, which had to be the cheapest thing.  Oh well.  I had a lichitini, with Kai Vodka, I think I’ll be making those on my next bartender night 😀

After all that, we hurried home to have cake with all the kids, Pristina was watching the kids, and DNS, Megan and Joshua were here also.  Whew, what a day, we celebrated the whole day, I don’t even think I’ve had a birthday where I got to do what I wanted all day long……..

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