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April 29, 2008

Stamping at Debbie’s

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We finally had another stamp day at Debbie’s this past Saturday. When I got there, Daphne gave me this card for Mother’s Day:

Love it, just like all the other cards Daphne makes.

Anyway, I don’t know if I was intimidated by Daphne’s millions of stamps or what, or the fact that she already had a pile of cards made when I got there (since I was late, like always), but I felt sluggish and it took me forever to even come up with these simple cards:

As soon as I saw that little gorilla stamp I knew I had to use it though. SO CUTE! That whole stamp set is so cute, which reminds me, I’m off to order one now…;)


April 26, 2008

Totally Ripped Off

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Way back when (okay, like late February probably), Lorie and I met at Paper Source at Santana Row, and I talked her into buying those DIY card kits, haha. So you pay $9.50 and get enough “stuff” to make 4 complete cards. Such a rip-off, sorry Lorie. So the packaging looks like this:

Even though we could see that the colors of the “stuff” inside weren’t all the same as in the pictures, I figured it would still be pre-measured and cut and she’d have an easy time putting the cards together. Oops. So I was over at Lorie’s earlier this week and I saw those packages still in the bag. I knew it. So I told her I’d bring them home and put them together for her. Okay, so you remember what the samples looked like right? Hah, and I keep saying “stuff” because inside were 4 different sized cards with mis-matched envelopes and a bunch of different sized scraps of paper. And not only were they different sizes, they were all different colors, and it wasn’t obvious (to me anyway) which papers should go with which cards and sentiments. Uggh.

First I put together the cards from the happy birthday kit. And this is what I came up with:

The great thing about the kit is all the sentiments and little graphics are letterpressed. But really? Big deal. After I made the happy birthday cards, I was left with all this:

So I should have added more layers to the cards? Hmph.

Then I opened the package of thank you cards. I liked the look of these cards better, but the scraps in this kit didn’t match the cards at all I thought. I really wanted to use the green piece with the brown leaves or whatever, but it didn’t match any of the cards (I thought) so I’ll have to use it on something else 🙂

These were the pieces left over, including the green and brown paper that I want to use, and that blue piece with the funny looking leaves I couldn’t find anywhere to place…

All in all, I guess it’s a good deal – $9.50 for 4 cards. The scraps of paper were really nice and high quality. But it’s not really for people that have never made cards before. I’ve been making cards and I still had a hard time, haha.

April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday and Farewell

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We got together here to have dinner and cake for Dennis’s birthday and to say goodbye to Diana, since she was going to be shipping out the next day.

Thomas came with Bella and Chubby and Donna and Emerald came a little later. I feel bad calling him Chubby, but that boy is so huge! He’s a full year younger than Alex but I don’t think he’s even a little bit smaller than her! He’s so cute though.

So I cooked dinner (fried rice for the kids, pot roast for the adults) and Mae brought an ice cream cake. I made strawberry shortcake again, but Donna and Emerald had to leave and then the kids made Thomas leave before it was ready. Oh, and Diana went out with her friends. So Mae, Pristina, Dennis, Hby and I had strawberry shortcake and this time came out much better than the last time. Since my oven is retarded, it normally takes me a few times to get something right, but I think it came out perfect this time. No pictures 😦 I was tired from being on my feet all day (which is really not good for me, even affects my kidney function) and I just wanted to hurry up and eat it already, haha. Donna did get a picture of me when I tried to sit for a few minutes, though. Great. Haha. Oh, and here’s a perfect example of that old saying “monkey see, monkey do”:

Hahahahahaha. Hilarious.

April 12, 2008


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So I visit Nichole Heady’s blog regularly to catch the Papertrey Ink updates, and to gain some inspiration when I want to make cards, etc. But last week, I read her post about a recipe for strawberry shortcake that she had made and raved about. So today, I decided to try it. I’m not at all a baker, I hate having to measure all the ingredients, and using all the different mixing bowls, etc. And the cleanup is the worst, but I must say, this was worth the effort, it turned out really good!

Very very tasty. My presentation is not the greatest by a long shot, but it’s really about what it tastes like, isn’t it?

This was my piece, without the extra whipped cream on top, because I don’t really care for whip cream. But pouring the cream into the bowl and whipping it up into that stuff is really cool! Haha, I’m so deprived.

Pristina, HBY and I had it for dessert, after the kids went to bed. They’ll be happy tomorrow when they get to have their pieces.

This is what happens to my kitchen when I cook dinner and a dessert:

Okay, okay, that’s what my kitchen looks like a lot of the time 😦

April 4, 2008

Jet and Jackie together??

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If anyone had asked me that question, I would have said No Way. And really – how could they do a movie together? Jackie Chan’s style is comedic and goofy – not his fighting style, but his acting style. And Jet Li always seems to play characters that are serious and intense. What kind of movie would they be able to star in together? Well, I guess they found one, and it’s coming out soon…of course I’ll watch it, though, since I can never pass up a fighting movie ;p

But did they have to speak English though??

April 3, 2008

Free rice?

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Click here to donate. I played along a while and “donated” 720 grains before I had to go cook dinner.

For dinner tonight? Fried rice. Wonder how many grains I use to make enough for the 4 of us…

April 2, 2008

Happy April Fool’s Day

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No one played any tricks on me, maybe because I don’t ever answer my phone 🙂 Anyway, went to pick up some groceries earlier, and Pristina got a couple bags of Sweet & Spicy Chili Doritos because her favorite man was eating them on his show (picture me shaking my head). So SOME BAD GIRL got her hands in the bag and started grubbing on them. And you’d think it would be too spicy for her? Nope, she ate and ate and ate them. So it was Pristina’s bright idea to make this picture:

I swear, that Pristina is something else (now picture me rolling my eyes).

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