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March 25, 2009


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Yes, I’m a horrible blogger.  I’m going to be better.  Honest. 😉

First off…check out the new Canon Rebel!  HD Video?? 15 mp?? Should I “downgrade” to a rebel?  Dang!!


Would it really be considered a downgrade anyway?  Or should I drop the $3g for a 5DMII?  Does the body really matter THAT much?  I should just get the Rebel and the 24-70mm f2.8.  Or just keep my 20D and get the 24-70?  Uggh, decisions decisions.

In other recent events, we took a trip to the snow this past weekend. We stayed at Donna’s house Friday night, I always hate staying there just by ourselves, it’s scary there.  Too big, too many rooms/windows/balconies and it’s too dark outside.  On Saturday, we planned on going to Diamond Peak, and since Donna’s house was right around the corner, Lib and Elma (and families) came over for “brunch”.  I never know what to serve at a “brunch” besides breakfast stuff?  So it was just breakfast.  Lib was so funny, she loved the house so much, she ran around snapping pictures like crazy.  Here are a few from her camera.


At Diamond Peak, Dillon declined ski lessons, but has decided he wants to snowboard.  He didn’t get to go this time since when we got there the snow was shitty (like it always is anyway), then it was totally blizzarding!  Oh well, next year I plan on bringing him as much as possible.  And maybe get back on a snowboard myself??  It’s only been almost a decade.  Haha, I’m thinking skiing is more appropriate for a woman of my age.  Lol.  We did stay at Diamond Peak just long enough for HBY to make a little snowman with the kids…then it was back to the house for us.  I don’t like being cold anymore.  At all.

img_5771(The only pictures of me come from someone else’s camera)img_9099img_9090img_0074img_0080

Anyway, we spend Saturday night in Reno…let the kids go wild at Circus Circus.  It was the first time they were both old enough to play games themselves, so of course they didn’t want to leave.  I told HBY the object was NOT to win stuffed animals, so only let the kids play.  They STILL won. Dillon is actually pretty good at some of those games, and Babygirl is good at the “win every time” games. I must be slipping though, because I didn’t even take one picture and I had my 880is with me.  It was crowded though, and I was more worried about losing Babygirl, but still…HBY did take one pic on the walk over


We stopped at Boreal on the way home, I wanted to take the kids tubing but that shit is $25 per lift ticket.  I didn’t think it was smart to spend $100 to go for maybe 30 minutes – it was too cold and windy, the snow would have been whipping us in the face.  I’m thinking we should wait until they’re a little older, I doubt Babygirl would even like it.  Luckily, there was a “snowpark” on site.  And luckily too, we had stopped in Truckee to pick up a couple of little saucers.  Dillon had a blast, and at $5 per carload, it was much more worth it 😉



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