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March 27, 2010

Stupid Cole Valley

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Dillon’s spring soccer season started last week, and this season all of his games are in Cole Valley, which is the worst place in this whole stupid city when it comes to parking. Seriously.

So the first game I get to the field not really knowing what to expect. Other parents told me that it was hard to find parking but I was like – this is stupid San Francisco, what else would I expect? Well I DIDN’T expect there to actually be NO parking as far as my eye could see and I didn’t expect the streets to be so narrow that with a solid row of parked cars on each side, there was room only for one car to drive down at a time – but they weren’t one-way streets. So if I was halfway down the street and another car pulled in from the opposite direction, one of us would have to back up or pull into someone’s driveway, if it were even empty. Ugh, what an awful place.

Anyway, that first Saturday I got kind of lucky. Only my 3rd time circling, I saw one of the other moms as she was walking to the field and pointed out a spot that she had seen. So I pulled down the street. Of course the space was on the opposite side, so I had to make a 25-point u-turn. Then I’m like – okay, I’m not a good parallel parker AT ALL and this space will just barely fit my car so please let me not embarass myself. I pulled in like a pro, I gotta say. Backed in perfectly, whew. I was so happy I had to take a picture and send it to HBY. Lol.

But this past Saturday, I had a REALLY hard time finding a space, and when I finally did, I pulled in and my back tire was on the curb. I thought about leaving it like that, but didn’t want anyone I knew to see it, so figured I’d try and fix it. I did try, back and forth, again and again. I swear if anyone were watching they would have been laughing their ass off. I ended up with the tire flush against the curb, with a little of the tire spilling over (think muffin top). I took a picture to show HBY again, and explained and said – there wasn’t that much space for me to correct. He looked at me like I was crazy and said – that’s PLENTY of room. Psh.

I do not look forward to the rest of the season….


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