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August 26, 2007

Stampin’ Up Workshop at Patti Lee’s

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Today was our scheduled workshop at Patti’s house. I picked up Diana and got to the house around 1:20. Gate and Megan got there about 5 minutes later, then Debbie pulled up probably exactly at 1:30. So we all went in together. First, we sat in her downstairs stamp room and looked through her samples and stuff, she had some cute stuff. Gate got excited and took her camera out to take pictures of the stuff she liked so she could go home and copy. We looked probably for at least 30 minutes while we were waiting for Daphne. Then, when Daphne got there, we got to work.

The plan was to make 3 cards and one 3-d item. The first card we made was using the Baroque Motifs set. It came out nice, I really like that set, now I just have to figure out what else I can make with it.

I think I must have grabbed someone else’s, because I don’t remember stamping my sentiment crooked like that. But oh well.

The next card we made was a baby girl card, not really my style, but I guess it would do in a pinch…

The last card was a pretty nice purple card, I left mine at her house (because of course I had to leave something behind like I always do). But it was my favorite. The three flower punch from SU! punched the three little flowers from the set exactly. Cute, but probably not cute enough for me to buy both the set and the punch.

Lastly, we made a cute little box, using kraft and red ink. We embossed the red flowers on the outside of the box. Used the little scallop circle punch and punched the round “thank you” with a regular circle punch. Tied a red gingham ribbon around it, put a couple of peppermint patties inside and there we had it, a cute little favor box idea. She gave me the template and told me they’re perfect for the ghiradelli chocolate squares.

I think I might be making those boxes one day. Such a cute idea.

So that was our first workshop at Patti’s house. Not sure if we’re going to do another one or not, we’ll see what the others say…


August 18, 2007

Making Cards with Debbie

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Went over to Chris’ for another craft day with Debbie. I tried to get there earlier this time than last, and got there maybe 30 minutes earlier. Which probably means it’s a good thing I tried to be there so early, or I would have been there much later. How annoying. Anyway, this time, I got much more done than last. Not hard to do, though, since last time I only got one card made last time.

This card I had a head start on, I had stamped the image and polka dot background the previous time. And actually had it matted and everything. So all I had to do was cut a card and stick it on. I used Icicle stickles in the middle of the flower. The flower is from Savvy stamps, I like it.

This card I just threw together and actually I think I’m going to send it to Jasmine. It’s hard for me to make card when I’m not here because I don’t have everything that I might need to make a nice one. So always the ones I make away from home are plain. I had even forgotten to bring my markers, so I had to color in the flower when I got home. Awful.

I made these two also, when I got home I put all the cards on the table so I could take pictures of them, and the bad girl took the pink one and ripped off the top layer. The funny thing is, I had stamped that same image in that same color on the amethyst layer, so I didn’t notice at first, and then I found the top layer on the floor in the living room and couldn’t figure out where it came from. Until I just now saw this picture. What a bad girl.
This one I think came out pretty good. I’m liking the color combination, the rose red with the almost amethyst. I used silver stickles on the heart. Not sure about the card as a whole, feels like it could use something else, but still can’t figure out what.

And I’m not sure at all what is up with this one. Damn that color wheel. The red and olive looked good together, but I didn’t have any creamy caramel, and the closest I had was that sort of beige cardstock in the back, and didn’t have enough contrast between that and the olive. So I checked the color wheel and it said not quite navy. uggh. I had planned on stamping a Xmas sentiment on the bottom in gold, possibly embossing it, but still trying to figure if it’s worth the effort.

I made this one last. I liked the real red and old olive together and the yellow looks pretty nice there too. Of all the cards I made that day, I like this one the best, even though I tore too much off of the bottom. Oh well. At least then I won’t have to write too much inside 🙂 Haha, what a dork.

Debbie went ahead and made probably another 10 cards, too. She does pretty well, even though sometimes her ideas don’t work out that nicely, but at least she has her own ideas and doesn’t ask me constantly what I think she should do and all that. I like it.
Debbie made dinner this time, and dessert. For dinner was a chicken stir fry with veggies (onions, red peppers, eggplant I think) with lemon and some fresh basil. It was actually good, I want to try and make that for HBY one day. I think he’ll like it. Oh, and it had Hoisin sauce. I forgot that part. I just have to get the measurements down. And some fresh Basil. Chris picked it right out of their garden, that’s crazy. I doubt I’ll ever be like that. And for dessert was cake, ice cream and strawberries picked fresh from their garden also. Cool. She said I’m welcome anytime, and I’m thinking just to be able to go, have some adult conversation and good dinner (that I don’t have to cook), it’s worth it.

August 11, 2007

First Craft Day with Debbie K.

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On Thursday I went over to have a craft day with Debbie Ken. She’s so funny, such a better match for Chris than Jennifer was. Although I liked Jennifer, I always thought they were a weird sort of couple. Oh well, all in the past now. Back to the topic. So it was her first time doing any sort of paper crafting, and she wanted to learn to make cards. She did well, after I explained the basics of cutting, scoring, matting and cleaning the stamps, she went off and made probably over 10 cards. I made one.

And it’s not even that nice. I got into making a second one using the Savvy flower, but then it was dinner time. Chris made this pasta with spinach and some chicken, it was really good. And then for dessert, Debbie made this berry cobbler, it was probably okay, except that I don’t like rasberries. Of course I couldn’t be rude, so I suffered through it. After all that, it was 9pm, I had to get home, so that was it. I had a good time. Before I left, Chris showed me his auto shop in his garage. Damn, he really can build a car from the ground up. That’s crazy. Haha.

To prepare for that craft day with Debbie, I made a couple of holiday cards to show her, they came out okay I guess…

August 1, 2007

Going back…

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Back in May, Gate reeled in a couple of people to order cards from me. Just posting them now. Some were for the order, some were ones I just made, and a few of them Daphne made and gave to me…

There was an order placed for 10 Japanese thank you cards. I didn’t know it at the time, but Gate was the one placing the order to give to her sister. I didn’t want her to pay for them, but she got around it by giving the money to the kids…

The first order that was placed was for 20 thank you cards, 10 Japanese and 10 English by Gate’s co-worker, Kyoko. After that order, another order was placed by a friend of Kyoko for 18 cards total: 3 each of thank you, happy birthday, sympathy, congratulations, farewell and blank. Since I didn’t have anything to make “farewell” cards, I figured “best wishes” would be good enough.

The purple/green Chinese character card is my favorite. The colors, the stamps (Bloomin’ Wonderful by Stampin’ Up!), it’s all my favorite. The papers I bought at a stamp convention years ago, the card, the mat and the top layer came all together with envelopes in a pack for like $5 or something like that. Probably got ripped off, but I like it.

I painted the Twinkling H2O’s directly to the stamps for the green “best wishes” card. It came out okay, but not as nice as I thought it would.

The purple one uses Twinkling H2O’s and stickles in the middle of the flowers.

This card below Daphne made for me for Mother’s Day. I left it on my desk for a few days, and then spilled coke all over it, like the clumsy-ass that I am.

Daphne came over one day probably in June or so, and she brought me these cards…

I always like Daphne’s cards…

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