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November 27, 2007

Since I took a picture of it already…

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I figured I’d post it up here. It’s a card made with Gate’s Elegant Notes set. I didn’t really like it when I made it, but maybe it’s okay.


November 26, 2007

Another Card Swap!

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The cards that we swapped yesterday at Daphne’s house. Some of mine were ones that I swapped, and others that I made while at Daphne’s yesterday using either her or Debbie’s stamps. It was so much fun, I completely lost track of time. When Dave came in and said it was 10:30pm, I said – “STOP LYING!” Haha.

I’m loving this slideshow function 🙂

And the link:

Nov '07 card swap

November 25, 2007

Card swap pics

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I’m finally putting up the pictures of the cards that me, Daphne, Mae and Gate swapped back in October (I think). Instead of posting them individually, I’m going to embed a slideshow. How easy is that…

And a link to view the photo album:

Oct. '07 card swap

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