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July 3, 2008

July SP desktop

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I downloaded the July desktop from Shabby Princess and inserted pictures from Great America this past Sunday…it’s a little more to my liking this month, but still a little blah….


June 27, 2008

And one for Bella…

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Damn these things are so cute! I can’t wait to see what they look like all put together…

Now I figure I better learn more advanced digital techniques. I learned how to make a torn edge and rounded corners. I want to learn how to make a scalloped edge now…

And one for Katana

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June 26, 2008

A little album for Mel-Mel

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So I bought 4 new digital kits today from Shabby Princess, I like the digital stuff there the best. The first thing I made is a little “badge” album for Mel-Mel using the Twirl kit. It’s sized to fit in the badge holders that are sold at office supply stores, like so:

They sell a pre-made one for $3.95, but figured I’d do better to just buy the whole kit and make my own. So Mel-Mel came first (she normally does for some reason). And this is what it looks like (or will, when I print it out).

Now I’m going to make similar albums for Alex, Katana, and Bella. I also bought the Bounce kit to make albums for Dillon and Keenan. They’re so cute I have to think of more people to make some for 🙂

June 23, 2008

June desktop

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I downloaded the June free desktop from Shabby Princess and stuck a couple pictures from Saturday in there, it came out okay. I tried to make my own sepia tone in Photoshop, not sure if I made it, seems kind of off, and they both look different too.
I always noticed the desktops available each month but never really paid attention. This one is a little blah for me, but still nice. Hopefully July will have a more colorful one…

March 30, 2008


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I’m starting to really like this digital scrapbooking stuff. Although I’m far from wanting to put digital pages into my own scrapbooks, but I’m pretty much set on doing only digital scrapbooks for gifts from now on. I’ll finish Keenan’s first year and Bryanna’s 1st birthday albums by hand, since I already ordered the pictures, though.

These are the pages I did today:

My favorite – of all of the pages I’ve made so far – is the one of Bella and Keenan. That was the latest free kit from Shabby Princess, and it’s super cute. The two winter pages didn’t look good when placed right next to each other, but I figure when you put it in an album, they won’t be that close so it won’t look so off.
My favorite aspect of digital scrapbooking is that there’s no mess to clean up afterwards, just saving the file and uploading to Costco. They print 12×12 for only $3 and they also print 8×8 for probably around $2, I’m not sure though.
Okay, so now I’m off to do some “real” scrapbooking. I’m not looking forward to the cleanup though, even though I probably won’t actually do any of the cleaning up for days…:)

March 26, 2008

New Digital Pages

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Been kind of lazy lately. There was a new free digital kit from Shabby Princess, so I downloaded it and a few others and I made some new digital pages:

So at the Scrapbook Expo earlier this month I got the Quickutz Silhouette! I’m very excited, I’ve used it a few times, but after this week (Spring Break) when things are back to normal again, then I’m going to REALLY start using it. I gotta go back through all my old pages and add titles, and I guess journaling after all this time. That’ll be a good time to take pictures of them too. And hopefully now I can get started on Alex’s pictures 😦

February 13, 2008

First Digital Scrapbooking attempts

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Daphne came over this past Sunday and we worked on our scrapbooks. So she did 3 pages and I did ONE 2-pg layout. (It has a title because Daphne brought her Cricut over so I could test it out. It’s great! Except that I must have no concept of size, since I thought 2.5in would be a good size and it came out HUGE!! Haha, it turned out okay though.)

Yeah, not our most productive day, but well, better than nothing, right? Of course it is. Since then, I’ve tried to keep the momentum going, I did another 2-pg layout and a single page yesterday. No title, no journaling, which has been the norm for me these past few years 😦

Then today, I looked through my old scrapbooks and felt a whole crapload of guilt when I saw that Dillon had most of his first three years scrapbooked – like completely, with titles and journaling. And I haven’t even done a full month of her life. And I laughed as I remembered people saying I wouldn’t take as many pictures of the 2nd as I took of the firstborn, and I didn’t believe them. But it’s true. In Dillon’s scrapbooks, it’s all him. Maybe some of him with me or Hby or both, but all him. In most of the pictures since Babygirl has been born, some of them feature only her, but most are of them both. Aw, my poor Babygirl. Oh well, so I’m resolved to at least finish scrapbooking at least her first year. Okay, at least her first six months.

But first…

I’ve been thinking about giving digital scrapbooking a try, so a couple weeks ago, I was on 2peas, and I saw that they actually had a lot of free kits to download. So I downloaded as many as I could find. Today was the day I decided to give them a try. This is what turned out:

Not as nice (in my opinion) as when it’s done by hand, but it was definitely way easier. I have seen some nice digital pages though, maybe it was because I didn’t have so much to work with since I only had the free kits. Or maybe it was because I’m not as good of a designer as the others? Either way, it’s pretty fast, since I don’t have to upload then print the pictures, don’t have to hunt down the paper and embellishments and don’t have to do all the cutting. Maybe I’ll go digital for gift albums and save the hard work for my own albums? Haha, yeah, I’m so rude.

Anyway, I also got this card from Patti for Chinese New Year, she does nice Asian stuff. And when I was taking pictures of the card and my scrapbook pages, of course the bad girl insisted I take pictures of her.
I normally feel guilty taking pictures only of her, like I’m neglecting Dillon, but after today, I realize I need to take more pictures of just her.

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