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January 30, 2008

My Birthday Video from Pristina

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I’ve been meaning to put it up, and finally here it is…


January 24, 2008

My 32nd Birthday

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Yes, that’s right, I’m 32. Not much different than being 31 or 30 or even 26 for that matter. It started out like any other day, woke up, made the lunches, got the kids ready, drove Dillon to school (only a little late today) and came home to feed the baby breakfast and to have my breakfast coffee. Well, HBY left his lunch home so I had to drive down to Burlingame to give it to him. It worked out well, since I had to go to the Post Office and there was one right down the street from his office building. Well anyway, the rest of the day was pretty normal, too, went to Babies’r’us, Target then picked up Dillon from school. Goldie called while I was at Target and wanted to know if I wanted her to watch the kids while HBY and I went out somewhere. Since Mikey was going to LA and both her kids have been in LA since last week, I told her she might as well come over, shit. But since HBY and I can never decide where to go or what to do, we just stayed home and hung out. Goldie brought dinner from PF Chang’s (my favorite kind of Chinese food), a Coffee House Crunch birthday cake from Cold Stone and cupcakes from Teacake Bake Shop in Emeryville. Those things are great…it was all great, actually.

She also came with my birthday gift, pretty much the only thing I really WANTED this year, ROCKBAND! I was so excited, I scarfed down my food so I could hurry up and open and set up the game.
Emerald came over after work and ate then we played until our curfew, 10 pm (that’s when our a**hole neighbors start to complain about the damn noise, I hate this place). Anyway, I did pretty sucky on the drums at first, always getting around 85% because I insisted on playing on medium. They kept telling me to go down to easy, but I just hate it. So our band only got 4 stars on pretty much every song on our tour. But who cares anyway, Pristina named us “Pristina and the Zhangettes”, I’m damn sure not keeping that band :p
Pristina made me an awesome video for my birthday with pictures and videos of the kids and family members, I’m going to try and upload it, but I’ve never successfully uploaded a video to this site, even 20 or 30 second videos, and Pristina’s is 2 minutes long so who knows how long that will take. We’ll see.
So that was it, ended up night with a couple of Smirnoff Ices (yeah, I’m a wimp now, so what), some second hand cigarette smoke (my favorite) and writing this blog. Can’t wait until tomorrow, I’m going to play Rockband all day.

January 22, 2008

Finally Done!

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Sorry Emerald 😦 Only took me almost 5 months, but it’s finished! Here are the remainder of the pages from Emerald’s bridal shower album. I didn’t fill the entire album, just like I thought. And there are really no other pictures that I want to put in there, and I don’t think anyone else took pictures at the shower. So I either give her the album with the 3 empty sleeves, or buy one of the refillable ones and take out the excess?? Maybe I can make a few pages with pictures that I took at the wedding? Hmmm…

To see the rest of the pages, scroll down to the post on December 17…

2 completed in one week? Amazing…

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I did have a productive week last week and actually finished Emerald’s bridal shower album and did a whole album for my aunt’s baby. Not bad, eh? My aunt’s baby’s album (I guess I should start calling her my cousin? or i could always call her by her name, it’s Bryanna) is from her first trip to California in May of last year. I used the 8×8 Creating Keepsakes scrapbook kit that Daph got me for Xmas (thanks Daph!). It made things so much easier, must be why I finished that thing so quick. I used the AutoLevels function on Photoshop when I resized the images, so some of the colors are much brighter in the pictures than in real life.

Still need to resize the pictures of the pages from the Bridal shower album.

January 5, 2008

Going back…

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I haven’t really made anything since my Christmas cards, but just wanted to post the little goodie bags that I made for Dillon’s class. I used Daphne’s Merry set again, love that set. I followed the tutorial for the One Sheet Box on SplitCoastStampers.

I also made use of the Naughty penguins stamp and stamped labels to decorate the Nuggets. I also found a template on Nichole Heady’s blog to make a little wrapper for the nuggets, but it wanted to use the pink scallop circle punch and I don’t have that, so I had to try and make it with the pink regular circle. It kind of worked, but just didn’t look as cute. But I love her blog and the stuff she does.

But those penguins are cute though. And I like the label idea with the nuggets, I might try and do something with them for Valentine’s Day for Dillon’s teacher…

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