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June 6, 2008

Stationery Set Swap

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Daphne found this project online the other day, and we both liked it so much that we decided to do it that night. So I did a “practice” one first.

I finished it fairly quickly, but I must admit I cheated. I just used that same line of patterned paper to make the cards, tags and gift cards. That one went to Mae. Then Daphne suggested that we swap the sets that each of us made. So I figured I better get to work on a “real” one. I made that one using the Black Orchid papers that Daphne likes. I did put a lot more effort into that one, embellishing the tags and stamping sentiments on the gift cards, even make actual greeting cards (although again, i cheated on a couple – and then poor daphne had to color her own, since i don’t keep “THE markers” here).

And yesterday, I went down there to borrow the cuttlebug and exchange our projects. Well…I like hers way better…but then again, I always do 🙂

On to our next project…but we don’t know what that will be yet…anyone have any ideas??

June 4, 2008

A Look at My Attempt at Creativity…

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So I made a set of stationery for my aunt, there were two different types, one in pink and black using the Beautiful Blooms set from Papertrey, and another version using the Black Orchid line from SEI. This is what the second one looked like:

Fairly simple color matching, easy layout…

This is what happens…when I try to get creative. I swear, either the cards I make are straight and honestly – boring, or else I go crazy with the different patterns, colors, etc. So I made this card, and I know, it’s CRAZY!

Hahaha, so I felt like I NEEDED to redeem myself after that and came up with another simple but easy-on-the-eyes card:

I think I’ll stick to the simpler stuff, since I can’t really go wrong…

May 26, 2008

Ghetto photography..

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Well, lighting anyway. I came across this blog post a while ago, and recently was talking to Debbie about how to photograph our cards to look nice, like the Taylored Expressions blog, so I decided to give the DIY lightbox a try. Haha, well, here’s my version (okay, actually HBY did all the work 🙂

And I used an old wrinkly poster board that I had laying around, so sad. To test it out, I took pictures of the cards I made last night at Debbie’s

I had so much fun playing with our new markers, can you tell? And these are the cards that Daphne made and “shared” with us 🙂

The pictures came out pretty good I think, and I didn’t even use the flash, I was in too much of a hurry to test out the box. Pretty good, and I just used a janky box HBY had laying around, duct tape and some tissue paper. So for future use, I just need a new poster board and to use the speedlite and we’re all set…

April 29, 2008

Stamping at Debbie’s

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We finally had another stamp day at Debbie’s this past Saturday. When I got there, Daphne gave me this card for Mother’s Day:

Love it, just like all the other cards Daphne makes.

Anyway, I don’t know if I was intimidated by Daphne’s millions of stamps or what, or the fact that she already had a pile of cards made when I got there (since I was late, like always), but I felt sluggish and it took me forever to even come up with these simple cards:

As soon as I saw that little gorilla stamp I knew I had to use it though. SO CUTE! That whole stamp set is so cute, which reminds me, I’m off to order one now…;)

April 26, 2008

Totally Ripped Off

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Way back when (okay, like late February probably), Lorie and I met at Paper Source at Santana Row, and I talked her into buying those DIY card kits, haha. So you pay $9.50 and get enough “stuff” to make 4 complete cards. Such a rip-off, sorry Lorie. So the packaging looks like this:

Even though we could see that the colors of the “stuff” inside weren’t all the same as in the pictures, I figured it would still be pre-measured and cut and she’d have an easy time putting the cards together. Oops. So I was over at Lorie’s earlier this week and I saw those packages still in the bag. I knew it. So I told her I’d bring them home and put them together for her. Okay, so you remember what the samples looked like right? Hah, and I keep saying “stuff” because inside were 4 different sized cards with mis-matched envelopes and a bunch of different sized scraps of paper. And not only were they different sizes, they were all different colors, and it wasn’t obvious (to me anyway) which papers should go with which cards and sentiments. Uggh.

First I put together the cards from the happy birthday kit. And this is what I came up with:

The great thing about the kit is all the sentiments and little graphics are letterpressed. But really? Big deal. After I made the happy birthday cards, I was left with all this:

So I should have added more layers to the cards? Hmph.

Then I opened the package of thank you cards. I liked the look of these cards better, but the scraps in this kit didn’t match the cards at all I thought. I really wanted to use the green piece with the brown leaves or whatever, but it didn’t match any of the cards (I thought) so I’ll have to use it on something else 🙂

These were the pieces left over, including the green and brown paper that I want to use, and that blue piece with the funny looking leaves I couldn’t find anywhere to place…

All in all, I guess it’s a good deal – $9.50 for 4 cards. The scraps of paper were really nice and high quality. But it’s not really for people that have never made cards before. I’ve been making cards and I still had a hard time, haha.

March 28, 2008

The house isn’t clean at all, but…

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I made Debbie a get well card 🙂 I was supposed to go over tonight to stamp, but she’s still not feeling well, so I figured I’d have a stamp day here, lol. Anyway, it’s nothing fancy, but I think it’s bright enough to have a “cheery” feel…

December 12, 2007

A little stamping…

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Since Dillon is back in school and Alex is in a better mood and will entertain herself again…

The last time I was at Debbie’s, she had made a card sort of like this but with a more vibrant pink and different flowers. I’ve never made a card before without any layers, so I tried it. The pink is a little dull (I bought the VersaMagic instead of the Brilliance, guess not such a good idea), but it’s do-able.

Then I made this one, this time using Brilliance ink for the flower, pearlescent orchid and wasabi for the stem. Not bad.

Then this one, using Best Blossoms. Cranberry Crisp base with Really Rust. The leaves in the background in Creamy Caramel. I don’t know what to do now. Add a sentiment, I’m sure, but where? Across horizontally? Across one of the corners? A really small one randomly throughout the print? HELP!! Lol.

They’re going to be interviewing Gavin Rossdale on Extra in a minute or so, so I’m off 😀

December 8, 2007

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

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Yep, everywhere we go. So I figured I should get working on some Christmas cards. A little bit of relaxation after taking care of 2 kids sick with pneumonia. Yes, that’s right, pneumonia. I still shake my head and think “what the hell?”. So anyway, this was the first card I made using Daphne’s Merry set and some Chatterbox paper.

Then I tried something with the oblong oval and the skating Santa. Yeah, not so easy to use. I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t have a hard time if even Daphne had a hard time. I’ll have to try another layout.
And I finally got to use the naughty penguins that I was so excited about. But I’m not at all happy with the result, it looks so blah. I’ll have to look around for some inspiration (or a nice card to CASE:). I do love those penguins, though, they are too cute.
And this last card was made with the Season of Joy set. I think I’m going to make these cards and send them out this year with the pics of the kids in the Xmas outfits that I made my dad buy them.

Okay, now I REALLY have to get working on Emerald’s bridal shower album (the shower was held back in August!), I’m hoping to have it done by Sunday so I can give it to her when I see her. Wish me luck!

November 27, 2007

Since I took a picture of it already…

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I figured I’d post it up here. It’s a card made with Gate’s Elegant Notes set. I didn’t really like it when I made it, but maybe it’s okay.

November 26, 2007

Another Card Swap!

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The cards that we swapped yesterday at Daphne’s house. Some of mine were ones that I swapped, and others that I made while at Daphne’s yesterday using either her or Debbie’s stamps. It was so much fun, I completely lost track of time. When Dave came in and said it was 10:30pm, I said – “STOP LYING!” Haha.

I’m loving this slideshow function 🙂

And the link:

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