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August 22, 2008

For Daphne

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AND he cleaned it again when he got home today…



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Testing the app on the phone..

A new phone, a new blog

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So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned to HBY that I kind of liked the iPhone and thought it looked nice.  And, maybe if Gate bought a new one I’d buy her old one off of her.  But she didn’t want a new one and I actually liked the Blackberry Curve a lot better. 

Last Monday, I took the kids to Color Me Mine at Westlake for Megan’s birthday and HBY met me there after his inspections.  While we were waiting for the kids to finish painting, HBY saaid he was going over to At&t to get me a phone.  So I figure he’d come back with a Blackberry for me, but when he got back he said he had to order it and it should come in a couple of days.  I didn’t question it, just figured they were out of stock or whatever. 

Well, yesterday we went to pick up my new phone and it’s a new iPhone 3g.  Very sleek and shiny and pretty.  But after messing with it for about 5 minutes I started thinking the Blackberry would work better for me.  So HBY said I could go exchange it, or he and I could trade even, but he kept saying I’d get tired of the Blackberry too.  And the iPhone could do way more.  Well, I suppose it can, just not the things that I want it to do.  But I figure – I’ll never find something that’s EXACTLY the way I want it, right?

So then I got to work…I started downloading all these Apps: games, photo apps, facebook, myspace, etc.  And I start looking for one for blogger but no luck.  There’s an app for wordpress and one for typepad, but since typepad costs, I’m here on wordpress starting my new blog 😉  Now that I’m here though, I’m thinking WordPress is a much better fit for me than Blogger anyway.

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