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September 18, 2008

90210 fan??

Filed under: celebrity,Random — Christina @ 11:29 pm

Okay, so it sounds dumb, I didn’t even watch it the first time around and had ABSOLUTELY no interest in watching this version.  And then…I saw the preview and saw a familiar face…

Rob Estes…dude! I used to watch Silk Stalkings all the time! Every episode, every rerun. I even watched Melrose Place just because they picked him up. He’s starring as the dad of one of the kids and the principal of whatever school they go to. 

So I guess you’ll catch me watching 90210 on whatever day and whatever channel at whatever time it’s supposed to be on??  Haha, yeah, I’m a retard…


April 4, 2008

Jet and Jackie together??

Filed under: celebrity,movies — Christina @ 7:44 pm

If anyone had asked me that question, I would have said No Way. And really – how could they do a movie together? Jackie Chan’s style is comedic and goofy – not his fighting style, but his acting style. And Jet Li always seems to play characters that are serious and intense. What kind of movie would they be able to star in together? Well, I guess they found one, and it’s coming out soon…of course I’ll watch it, though, since I can never pass up a fighting movie ;p

But did they have to speak English though??

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