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April 20, 2010

Passage of Time

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I drove HBY to Fremont tonight to look at a van he wanted to buy (for business purpose).  On the way there I was griping at him that we seem to always drive all over the world to find a (stupid used) car that he wants to buy.  When it was time to get mine, easy, went to the dealer, out in a couple hours.  After he bought the van tonight, we went to dinner and I told him: you know, if you think about how long we’ve been together, it’s pretty long.  We can measure it by how old we were then, how much older his niece and mine have gotten since then, how many kids have been born since we’ve been together….but if we measure it in the amount of cars he’s bought since we’ve been together….he started to giggle, but it’s ridiculous.  Black mustang, grey convertible mustang, another black mustang, white integra, white f-150, black crx (yeah, i still don’t understand that one), another black mustang.  I feel like I’m missing one in there somewhere.  I hope his addiction to used cars is over now, they’re seriously annoying.  If we were to try and measure using the number of laptops he’s bought and discarded since we got together (none of them used), it’s beyond ridiculous….


April 17, 2010


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This was the first day that HBY was able to come to Dillon’s soccer game.  After all my bitching and moaning about the parking situation, I was excited to show him that I was not exaggerating at all.  So we pull up to the field and I get out with the kids.  The first time I was at the field before the game started.  HBY went to park and I expected him to show up about 10-15 minutes later.  Well, he walks up just a couple of minutes later.  I said – no WAY you found parking already.  He told me he parked at the space we saw around the corner.  I said – not the one with the fire hydrant??? He said – well, I’m not blocking it.  I’m like – you’re such a San Franciscan, no regard for the rules.  I told him to move the car before it gets towed or we get a million dollar parking ticket.  So he rolls his eyes at me, but he goes to move the car.  Comes back not even two minutes later…after finding a parking space RIGHT in front of the gate that leads to the field.  Wide open.  WTF????  It’s a conspiracy, I swear…

April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

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I love putting together Easter baskets. Any type of gift basket with lots of stuff inside. And goodie bags. Maybe I just like to buy lots of stuff…okay, okay, no maybe about it 😉

These are for the older girls.  I got those boxes/baskets at Target for $1.  They’re so cute, especially for a buck.  I love Target’s Dollar Spot 😀

These are for the younger kids.  Now I have to put together my own kids’ baskets from the “Easter Bunny”.  When did the Easter Bunny become like Santa?  I still wonder about the significance of the rabbit when it comes to Easter.  But then, who thought up a fat man with a white beard and a red suit for Xmas?

Tomorrow we’ll be decorating eggs and having a mini celebration for Babygirl’s 5th birthday.  I’m gonna make lau lau and chicken long rice for dinner.  My first time making lau lau, hope it comes out good 😐

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