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May 18, 2009

Star Trek

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When HBY saw the trailer for the Star Trek movie, he told me he wanted to watch it.  I was all – are you serious?  I kept asking him if he was serious, lol.  We’re not Trekkies.  I’ve never even seen an episode of the TV series – any of them.  But I figured it looked like a lot of action, and I’m always down for action movies, so we went.  I wasn’t sure if I should read up on it or what before going to watch.  Well, we went to watch it last night and……I liked it.  Surprising to me, but actually, if it were just a movie being made, without all the history behind it, I probably would have wanted to go and watch it anyway.  I definitely liked it more than any of the Star Wars movies.  I think I may have missed out on a lot of the hidden references to the TV series, but it was still a complete storyline to me…and Sylar was awesome as Spock 😉

The movies I’m really looking forward to watching this summer are Transformers and……………………G.I. Joe.  Lol.  So weird, I know.  It’s that Tatum Channing guy (or whatever his name is) that I like.  I know, he’s not the best actor, or even good, but….he does it for me 😉  Plus, in the movie, he has a scar on his face.  I like scars on the face.  Not like, ugly burn scars or whatever, but more like a knife scar.  Especially around the eyes 😉 During the preview, I was all – ooh, I wanna watch this movie.  Then, when the title came up on the screen I was like – ewww.  The Rise of Cobra, how retarded sounding.  But still – I’m sure I’ll like it 😀


April 4, 2008

Jet and Jackie together??

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If anyone had asked me that question, I would have said No Way. And really – how could they do a movie together? Jackie Chan’s style is comedic and goofy – not his fighting style, but his acting style. And Jet Li always seems to play characters that are serious and intense. What kind of movie would they be able to star in together? Well, I guess they found one, and it’s coming out soon…of course I’ll watch it, though, since I can never pass up a fighting movie ;p

But did they have to speak English though??

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