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April 28, 2009

My Son The Photographer…

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When we were down at Roaring Camp Railroad for Chubby’s birthday party, I gave Dillon my little 880is and let him loose (after I wrapped the strap securely around his wrist).  First, on the train ride and then pack at the picnic site.  These were the photos he came back with…

He had such a good time running around snapping pictures all day that I decided I’d get him his own little camera.  I gave him my Canon S400 a while ago, the first digital camera I ever owned.  But I felt like it was time for a new one (plus, I’ve been on a total shopping spree these past several weeks – that really has to stop!).  So I thought I’d get him the Canon A470, cute little inexpensive camera.  But I decided to stop by Sears today to look at a toaster oven that Hby’s been wanting for a while and found myself in the digital camera section.  I ended up getting him the Olympus 850SW, it was on clearance for only $104…I couldn’t pass it up.  Waterproof/shockproof – perfect for my little boy…


April 8, 2009

Easter Photo Shoot

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Some photos from our pre-easter photo shoot…

Dillon has entered the “funny-looking” stage…missing teeth 😉  Plus, he’s developed this really crazy-looking smile.  Alex, on the other hand, has forgotten how to look happy…and I’m sure it has nothing to do with me yelling “LOOK HAPPY!”, lol.  Regardless, here are some of my kids:


Okay, so about the matching outfits…NOT my idea…my grandma bought them and my aunt brought them back from Hawaii last month.  Figured I should take a picture of them in the outfits and send it to my grandma.  Aren’t I a good granddaughter?  Of course I am.  But a few years ago (3, really, that seems so strange) matching outfits on them looked cute, but I didn’t pick those either.


Weird how fast the time has passed….*sigh*

So here are some of the shots with the other kids.


I have a hard time with kids that smile all unnaturally.  It really annoys me, then I start talking meaner, the kids get more tense.  Guess I won’t make a good kids’ photographer 😉  Which I would never want to be anyway.

April 6, 2009

My “Baby” is 4 now…

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Yeah, still a long way to go, but I feel like the “hard times” are behind me.  No more bottles, no diapers (thank god).  No more waking up 4-5 times every night to feed/change.  No incessant crying while trying to figure out what the reason is.  No more need to constantly watch every second to make sure they don’t touch/eat/do something that could hurt them.  Whew.  On the other hand, I’m not much looking forward to the teen or even pre-teen years, especially with the girl.  I guess I better just make the best of this time with them.

So this year, I finally decided to throw Babygirl an actual birthday party.  Normally, we’d take her to her favorite playplace (The Jungle), invite all the cousins and a few friends and just hang out and let them play.  But this year Alex said “I want to have a Princess cake and lots of friends sing Happy Birthday to me”.  So I tried to be firm and tell her “sorry, you don’t have any friends”, but in the end I gave in.  Dillon had a party every year until he turned 6, not really fair to never throw her one.  I know the 2nd-born gets jipped, but come on…

So I put together a last-minute party at Jungle Island in San Jose.  Seriously, I decided like 8 days before the date that I would throw it.  Luckily they were able to fit me in.  And there was a pretty good turn out.

The Princess cake she wanted

The Princess cake she wanted

The "friends" she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to her

The "friends" she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to her

her favorite friend Olivia, they share the same birthday, Olivia is a year older

her favorite friend Olivia, they share the same birthday, Olivia is a year older

She had so much fun all day…until it was time to leave, then she cried her head off.  HBY kept arguing “just let her play for 10 more minutes”.  I swear, sometimes I want to sock that guy.  One day I will.  Then I’ll run, lol.

On her actual birthday, we spent the day with Megan and Joshua.  Took them to the Academy of Sciences and Botanical Gardens. img_9394img_9409


Then, back home to let Alex open her presents from the party and the millions of presents from Mae Mae.


Topped it all off with a “tax crunch” ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.


I’d never had it before, never even heard of it, but it was pretty damn good, I definitely recommend it…

April 2, 2009

While Awaiting My Next Turn

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Sometimes I REALLY hate Internet Explorer.  Well, most of the time.  Okay, always.  Just thought I’d share that.

So these days Facebook really annoys me, but I normally go there to play my Scrabble games (by the way Daph, it’s been a month since you last made your move ;).  I play against my aunt that’s pretty good and my uncle down in Monterey that’s really good.  The first game we played he whooped me by over 100 points…and I rarely even lose, let alone by that many points.  At the moment I’m playing 4 games with strangers, so I figure while I’m waiting I shouldn’t waste my time, but update my blog.

Lately, I’ve been doing LOTS of shopping.  Lol.  HBY has been CRAZY busy.  I’ve noticed this: when he’s not busy, he’s around so I can boss him around a lot and not be so stressed out running all over the place.  So I’m pretty content just staying home, (kinda) cleaning up, cooking dinners.  Plus the fact that not busy = not making money, so we have to be a little more frugal.  When he’s busy, I’m like a single mom (I know REAL single moms hate when people like me say it, but seriously), I have to do EVERYTHING for both kids all day every day.  Uggh.  On the other hand, HBY is making crazy kinds of money, so I indulge in lots of “retail therapy”, which is TOTALLY necessary.  To make up for it, I make him lunch every day, so it’s totally worth it for him.  Right???  Lol.

I took the kids to the do-it-yourself carwash the other day.  Since living here in this godforsaken place with no real driveway means I either have to stand practically out in the street to wash my car, which can’t happen with the kids running around.  They LOVED cleaning the car!  Hilarious.  Then, this weird creepy man started interacting with them.  I know, it’s sad when a nice happy man acts nice to kids, but there you have it.  They both were on the passenger side and I was cleaning the other side windows, but of course once that fool started joking around with them I had to go stand on the other side.  Which of course was obvious, but, what else was I supposed to do??  I’m not paranoid, but lately I’ve been thinking, damn, if shit did happen, I’ll be the dumbass saying “well, I didn’t think anything would happen” and HBY would probably knock me the f*@& out.  Suffice it to say, the weird happy guy took off a few minutes later (after telling me I’m a “good mom” for teaching my kids to wash the car???) with a “god bless” and the kids and I were left to clean the car in peace.  I can’t wait until we can move…which will happen soon as long as HBY stays as busy as he’s been the past several months…and I don’t spend it all =D

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