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April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

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I love putting together Easter baskets. Any type of gift basket with lots of stuff inside. And goodie bags. Maybe I just like to buy lots of stuff…okay, okay, no maybe about it 😉

These are for the older girls.  I got those boxes/baskets at Target for $1.  They’re so cute, especially for a buck.  I love Target’s Dollar Spot 😀

These are for the younger kids.  Now I have to put together my own kids’ baskets from the “Easter Bunny”.  When did the Easter Bunny become like Santa?  I still wonder about the significance of the rabbit when it comes to Easter.  But then, who thought up a fat man with a white beard and a red suit for Xmas?

Tomorrow we’ll be decorating eggs and having a mini celebration for Babygirl’s 5th birthday.  I’m gonna make lau lau and chicken long rice for dinner.  My first time making lau lau, hope it comes out good 😐


April 8, 2009

Easter Photo Shoot

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Some photos from our pre-easter photo shoot…

Dillon has entered the “funny-looking” stage…missing teeth 😉  Plus, he’s developed this really crazy-looking smile.  Alex, on the other hand, has forgotten how to look happy…and I’m sure it has nothing to do with me yelling “LOOK HAPPY!”, lol.  Regardless, here are some of my kids:


Okay, so about the matching outfits…NOT my idea…my grandma bought them and my aunt brought them back from Hawaii last month.  Figured I should take a picture of them in the outfits and send it to my grandma.  Aren’t I a good granddaughter?  Of course I am.  But a few years ago (3, really, that seems so strange) matching outfits on them looked cute, but I didn’t pick those either.


Weird how fast the time has passed….*sigh*

So here are some of the shots with the other kids.


I have a hard time with kids that smile all unnaturally.  It really annoys me, then I start talking meaner, the kids get more tense.  Guess I won’t make a good kids’ photographer 😉  Which I would never want to be anyway.

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