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August 4, 2009

Damn, does that last entry say May 18?!?

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Been busy busy busy these last few months, I guess. Lol. Let’s see…went to San Diego/Anaheim over Memorial Day weekend, celebrated my cousin Lisa’s graduation from SDSU, took the kids to Legoland then Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland. The kids’ first time, and they LOVED it. I guess that’s going to be our vacation destination from now on…well, when we go to SoCal, that is.

After our SoCal vacation, we came home so Dillon could finish out the school year, then it was off to Vegas…where we got married.  Yep, finally did it.  I was chatting with a friend and he asked why we weren’t married, and I explained that I didn’t think it was necessary, since there was really no benefit to being married.  We argued for a while, then he told me to look up the tax benefits.  Sure enough, we’ve been missing out all these years, lol.  So I decided since we were going to Vegas anyway for my sister’s high school graduation, and (some of) my family was going to be there, we might as well do it while we’re there.  The kids were the happiest, I think. The family members that weren’t there, and weren’t notified, were NOT happy. 

Hmmm…let’s see what else.  I don’t think anything big since then.  My car passed 100k miles, lol.  Had a mini family reunion in Monterey. Alexandra started a new ballet school. We’ve been doing the normal daily stuff, but I’m trying to do more outdoors-y stuff with the kids.  We went to Point Lobos a few weeks ago, they had a good time there.  Been spending more time at GG Park.  Spent a day at Gilroy Gardens.  Celebrated Jasmine’s Sweet 16th at Seacliff Beach on a cold ass day.  Oh, got a new iPhone 3gs, but I didn’t want to…yet.  HBY made me 😉  Been shopping, of course.  I buy things faster than I can take them out of the bags at home.  I’m now debating between a 17″ Macbook Pro or an iMac.  Actually, I’m really still debating if I should make the switch to Mac at all, I have a hard time thinking I’ll be one of “those Mac users”…

That’s been our summer in a nutshell.  I didn’t get to bring the kids to Hawaii this summer like I wanted…I can’t use a Delta buddy pass on a Northwest flight until 2010, and I dont want to risk getting stranded at SLC or LAX alone with the kids, so we may go in October, or we’ll just push it back until next summer.  Hopefully October, though.

Still on our to-do/visit-in-the-near-future list:

  • Ferry ride to and picnic on Angel Island
  • Explore Point Reyes (specifically “Dillon” Beach, lol)
  • Santa Cruz Boardwalk (I can’t believe I haven’t gone all summer!)
  • Great America
  • Coit Tower

Dillon goes back to school on Aug. 24…wonder if I can get all that in before then? I also have two birthday parties…oh, AND  a stamp day!! I REALLY can’t believe I haven’t had a stamp/scrap day at all this year.  That’s just crazy, lol.  Scrapbook Expo coming up this week…I may go down on Friday, but I’ll have the kids, so I don’t know if I should do that to myself…

Our long-term to-do/visit list:

  • Explore Big Sur
  • Hike the Pinnacles (although I’m not sure if Babygirl’s big enough for the caves, which is really why I want to go)
  • Visit the Giant Redwoods
  • Yosemite (but not to camp)
  • Dillon wants to visit Mt. Rushmore…I don’t even know where that is
  • Grand Canyon

I hope to get to do all of that by the end of next summer, although Mt. Rushmore is iffy..

Okay, I think I’m current now.  I’m sure once the school year starts and we’re back to a normal routine on a normal schedule I’ll update more often.  I think I’ll start a new Project 365 on Aug. 24.  Lol.


January 30, 2009

Gotta Love ‘Em

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I finally got to see the pro pics from Liz’s wedding last summer in O.C. One picture just cracks me up whenever I see it. After the ceremony, we all crammed into the limo and went down to – Balboa Beach? Balboa Pier? I don’t even know if that’s what it was called, but we took a ferry to Balboa Island afterwards, so I kinda figure it should be named that. Anyway, walking on the pier, photographer snapping away, these two young girls (tourists, naturally) come and ask to take our picture with their camera. Can you really say no? And then – of course – we tell them to jump in our picture.


Hilarious. You gotta love them though, they’re always so cute and happy and fun…

July 6, 2008

What a difference…

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a little etiquette makes. Haha, actually A LOT of etiquette. So I got Liz’s wedding invitation in the mail and when I saw the envelope I actually said out loud “damn, this is nice”. And I was only looking at the outer envelope. And I IMMEDIATELY thought of the invitation I got for Selena’s wedding a few weeks earlier, look at the difference:

Liz’s invitation envelope:

Selena’s invitation envelope:

Haha, when Marvin saw Selena’s address label he said “oh hell no”. What a difference…The funniest thing is when Liz was talking about hand-writing the addresses on all of the invitations because that’s proper etiquette, I was like – don’t go through all that trouble, NO ONE actually does that, and people will probably think “damn, can’t even afford address labels?” Shit, I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about…maybe I was thinking of what it would look like if it were ME writing them, I should have known Liz would make them look all nice and perfect like that…

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