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January 14, 2012

Already falling behind….

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Not on blogging, oh no, 3 posts in 2 weeks is definitely a record!  But here…

Trying to put all the Xmas stuff away

I started the “takedown” process on Jan. 3, the day the kids went back to school.  If you notice, the only ornaments left on the tree are on the top, because I can’t reach them.  And I’m too lazy to get the ladder so that I can take them down.  It’s January 15, and all my Xmas stuff is still out.  And it’s like holding me back from doing all the other stuff I need to do, I don’t know why.  We don’t even use this room.  But every time I go upstairs to clean up my desk or put the laundry away or something else, I find myself coming back down to this room to try and put the xmas stuff away.  Ugh.  The neighbors don’t even trip anymore, they just walk through the little pathway that I left straight to the family room.  Lol, I guess they’re used to my ways.  My Halloween decorations were up until almost Thanksgiving.

Babygirl was sick all day today 😦  She was out playing with the neighbor kids yesterday, riding her little Barbie light-up scooter when all of a sudden she went inside to get her jacket…which NEVER happens.  Then, she wanted to come inside and she went straight to the couch to lie under the blanket.  I checked her temp and it was 102.6.  She fell asleep at 5 then woke up at 11 and asked for some soup.  I didn’t have any soup made so I warmed her up a can of Progresso Chicken Noodle and she ate two of the noodles and went back upstairs to sleep.  This morning at 7 she woke me up to ask for Oatmeal.  I got up, made her oatmeal, she ate one spoonful and went back upstairs to sleep.  I was down here and HBY was getting ready for work, so she crawled into bed with her brother, poor baby.  Then she started to throw up.  It’s such an ordeal for her, she cries and cries and cries.  Ugh.  She cried because she wanted to go to the birthday party that we were supposed to go to today.  Then she cries for her daddy. Hmph. After I cleaned up the oatmeal that she didn’t eat, I spent all morning making chicken noodle soup for her and she asks for her daddy.  Whatever.  Anyway, she spent most of the day in my bed watching movies on Netflix.  Then she comes downstairs around 6:30, said she felt better even though she was still burning up, and asked for some jello.  She ate one tiny spoonful then fell asleep on the couch.

Poor baby.  Dillon was a good older brother today, he stayed next to her to keep her company, try to cheer her up, get her water.  He  kept saying he felt bad for her, he doesn’t like it when she’s sick.  Well, at least that’s something.  When she’s better they’ll be back to fighting again.



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  1. aww poor kiddo…just breaks your heart doesn’t it? i HATE to see vivi cry…which i know will inevitably happen everyday for one reason or another…

    oh don’t even trip about xmas tree is still up (but in our defense..dave hurt his back at work the weekend we were gonna take it down…and i’m too tired…vivi is no longer sleeping thru most of the night ….sigh)

    Comment by daph — January 21, 2012 @ 12:33 am | Reply

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