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July 5, 2008

Our Traditional 4th of July

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We’ve celebrated 4th of July at Lib and Gil’s since the first year they moved in there. Even though it’s over 100 miles away, it’s worth it for us. My kids can go wild at the house, and there are enough older kids to watch out for them, and there’s plenty of space for them to run and scream and it doesn’t bother the adults who, normally, are all seated around this huge table 😉

You can’t see in the picture, but the table is probably at least 8 feet long.

Another reason that we make the trip down there (besides the fact that Lib and Gil are the ultimate hosts) is that the city does the fireworks right around the corner from where they live, so we just walk out onto the street in front of the house to see the show, which is normally pretty good. This year it seemed a little shorter, but hey, we’re in a recession what do you expect?

They said the fireworks were going to start at 915, so we head out onto the street around 905, and of course we wait out there until probably 930 then the show started. In the meantime, everyone’s running around with their cameras snapping pictures (except for me this year).

Normally the fireworks show will run about 30 minutes, I think this year was about 20 minutes, here’s the finale…



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