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February 5, 2009

No Training Wheels

Filed under: Dillon — Christina @ 10:51 am

They really encourage bad habits.  I’m sure I learned with training wheels, but I’ve always accepted the logic that with training wheels the kids come to rely on them and don’t have a sense of their own balance.  Plus, I’m not that comfortable on a bike anyway.   I like to be close to the ground, so rollerblades are my wheels of choice 😉

I took Dillon back to Aptos Park yesterday after school.  Hby was there too, still whining about the training wheels until I could have killed him.  Am I too strict?  No, I don’t think so.  Anyway, the point is moot…Dillon took off on his own after about 15 minutes.  Only his second time out.  I push him hard, maybe a little too hard, but his sense of accomplishment is so much greater in the end. 

And okay, I cheated…I owe it all to Pedal Magic! Lol. Seriously, the first day I took him without watching the video.  Wasted my time.  Dillon didn’t understand because I wasn’t explaining the right way.  How can you really explain it anyway?  Then I remembered that my aunt had given me a copy of Pedal Magic a while ago (probably 2 years ago), so I came home and hunted for that damn disc.  Dillon and I watched it Tuesday night, and we were both psyched to try it out on Wednesday.  Well, it’s BRILLIANT!  The video is geared more towards teaching the teacher how to train the rider.  Supposedly it works in 5 minutes or less.  Took Dillon a little longer, but I attribute that to all the “bad teaching” he got on Sunday 😉 

I just realized that last part sounds totally like a commercial, lol.  But it’s totally true…now for the girl…


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