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February 2, 2009


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HBY and I got to go out on a date last night, and of course we’re an old fuddy-duddy couple so we went to dinner and a movie. In our defense, it was last minute, I was originally supposed to go to Daphne’s to do some scrapbooking and celebrate our birthdays, but Dillon came down with some kind of stomach virus or bacteria, and I didn’t want to pass that on. To Daphne anyway, I guess I had no problem passing it on to Pristina? Haha, sorry Pristina! Anyway, since Pristina is in her teen years, I thought it only fair that we pay her for her babysitting services. And of course I’m not going to take advantage of her and pay her minimum wage.  So, date night for us is EXPENSIVE! I’m going to have to add that expense into our monthly budget, whew.

Anyway, we went to downtown San Mateo, and it was PACKED! We got there right at 7, I should have known better, that’s when everyone comes out for dinner. We got lucky though, a parking space right in front, the movie we wanted to see was one of the only ones not sold out, the restaurant we went to eat at gave us extra quick service when we told the server we had only 45 minutes to get back to the theater, and the movie was good…fast-paced, almost non-stop action.  Lots of violence 😀 All in all, a successful night.

On Friday, I met up with Lib, Elma, Jackie, Racquel and Cecilia to celebrate Elma’s birthday which was on Dec. 29, lol. Since both Racquel and my bdays are in January, and Cecilia’s is on Feb 1, we decided to pick one night each month that we can celebrate our birthdays seperately. Lib’s husband of course had to point out to HBY that we were just “finding excuses” to go out and drink. WHATEVER! So my month is March, I gotta pick a date and find a place in the city. Jackie, Lib and Elma take care of October, November and December, so we have to find some occasions to celebrate during the spring/summer months, lol. We already decided on a Mother’s Day getaway…can we do a Father’s Day getaway too? Haha. Independence day?

Today we took the kids to a nearby park to play, Dillon tried to ride his bicycle (HBY is annoyed at me because I won’t allow any training wheels, but who cares, training wheels are dumb), Alex rode her squeaky tricycle in cirlces, and HBY tried out his new rollerblades I got him for Xmas. I ran alongside Dillon’s bicycle for like two hours and now I’m sore and I broke a nail. Afterwards, he played on the structure and then we tried to play tennis. He got frustrated that real tennis is not like Wii tennis, he has to actually run to the ball and hit it the right way ;p So we made up our own game, where we just kinda threw the ball at each other across the net. At least he was happy…


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  1. no training wheels? dang you’re strict lol

    Comment by Rex — February 4, 2009 @ 10:40 pm | Reply

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